Guilderland Central School District

GUILDERLAND — The school board is considering bringing to the voters a pared-down $30.6 million capital construction project, reduced from the $42.7 million proposal defeated in October.

Tod Mell’s petite accuser says she never spoke to Mell about the abuse, which she says occurred “30 or 40 times” over the course of her fifth-grade year, in 2010 to 2011, always behind his desk, below the eye level of other students. She also never told school officials, her parents, or friends about it until the spring of 2018.

Victory Riedy, Victory Child Care

GUILDERLAND — A public uproar four years ago at the suggestion of closing one of the district’s five elementary schools because of declining enrollment led instead to filling empty classrooms with a private pre-kindergarten program. Now the district needs those classrooms back as enrollment is increasing.

GUILDERLAND —  The Guilderland School District plans to remediate radon in the areas of its high school where recent readings were over state and federal safety levels. The odorless, colorless, and tasteless gas occurs naturally and, in high concentrations over a period of time, can cause lung cancer.

GUILDERLAND — Principal Alicia Rizzo of Lynnwood has started an unforeseen medical leave of absence that will last at least several weeks, Superintendent Marie Wiles informed parents this week in a letter.

Tod Mell received his $91,290 annual salary from the Guilderland School District from the time that he was placed on administrative leave in April 2018 until Dec. 27. His letter of resignation was accepted by the school board at its Dec. 18 meeting.

On Friday afternoon, the Guilderland Teacher's Assistants brought over their schools donation of toys and dropped them off at Georgianna Pennacchia's house for the kids where she works.

The change will allow families more time for celebrating, say school district officials.

GUILDERLAND — The Guilderland school board is considering its next steps, following a failed capital-construction project referendum on Oct. 16.

The district’s other schools have not been tested in a decade.


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