Charlie Muller, the pastor of two churches, one in Albany and the other in Colonie, runs gun-buyback programs and many programs to provide food to needy children. He wants to open a home in Guilderland to provide respite care for foster families. 

The owner of the rent-regulated apartment complex Omni Senior Living on Carman Road wants to sell, but the state and the new lender are both requiring the term of its PILOT agreements be extended before it will approve the sale. 

Guilderland’s highway department has not sprayed any pesticides in 2019, said Superintendent Greg Wier. 

Twin sisters Taylor Ten Eyck, right, and Morgan Willy

Joining a nationwide movement of farmer-florists, twin sisters Taylor Ten Eyck and Morgan Willy recently started their own company called Twin Dahlias Flowers. When it’s completely up and running, the business will not only grow flowers but also create bouquets and arrangements for sale. 

Several residents spoke in favor of the town’s idea, but suggested taking it further. 

Emu on the road

The emu, a four-year-old male, it turns out is named Sheriff Cody. He was eventually recaptured and locked back into the pen where he resides, temporarily, at Whispering Willow Wild Care on Carman Road.

The subcommittee has given its recommendation to the chairman, but the executive committee doesn’t have to follow it. 

Blake Spears

GUILDERLAND — Blake Spears, 38, of 15 Harmony Hill Road in Guilderland, was indicted on Aug. 29 on charges of sexually exploiting a child, and child pornography distribution and possession.

Developers Richard and Sandra Hameroffs say their cash wash is uniquely eco-friendly and that their project will improve the intersection and bring nine jobs. 

Edgar Tolmie wanted to make this podcast so his children and particularly his granddaughter Sarah would be able to hear his voice and be guided by his life’s philosophy when he dies. Although he is still in his 50s, he suffered a massive heart attack and is on a waiting list for a heart transplant.