The town board on March 21 tabled a vote that would have determined if the proposed Black Creek Run development at 6250 Depot Road would have a significant adverse impact on the environment.

Twenty Capital Region BOCES Career and Technical Education students earned medals at the regional SkillsUSA competition on Thursday, March 16, in Schenectady and Albany. 

Bridget Holohan Scally received 43 write-in votes to become Altamont’s next village justice. Scally is currently Deputy General Counsel to the New York State Department of Labor. 

Board members Rebecca Butterfield and Kimberly Blasiak are certain they will run again. Judy Slack is taking a wait-and-see approach while still gathering names so she is prepared to run if need be, she said.

If a call to 518-665-7860 results in a gun seizure, the caller could get a $500 reward.

The estimated tax levy increase, at 2.76 percent, stays under the state-set limit, requiring only a simple majority to pass the budget on May 16.

The Guilderland Planning Board’s report to the town zoning board is only a recommendation; the zoning board can choose to ignore the recommendations.

“The need is urgent and this unexpected situation creates a risk for health, public safety, and the conservation of public resources,” said a Feb. 21 memo, outlining the immediate need for a new Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition system.

“The next person we’re going to reach on the waiting list applied in 2019,” said James Mastrianni whose company administers the federal program for the town.

The Guilderland Coalition for Responsible Growth in an email sent to town board members around 2 p.m., on Sunday, March 5, wrote, “This is a formal notice to the town of Guilderland that a dangerous situation exists because of negligence in maintaining the sidewalks in the town.”