Eric Reimer is a pastor who tweets.

He is the new pastor at St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Altamont. “The word of God …,” said Reimer, “needs to be proclaimed wherever people are. The Lutheran movement itself exists largely because of changes in the way people communicate.”

In the hotly contested six-way race for two town board seats, Christine Napierski was still the top vote-getter by a substantial margin, according to results posted on Nov. 17 by the Albany County Board of Elections.

Airgas is a major producer of gases used in manufacturing, food production, and health care. The company was recently approved to build a liquid argon gas storage and distribution facility inside the 550-acre industrial park, which will entail installing ten 15,000-gallon storage tanks on the site, each at a height of 46 feet, 9 inches. 

Biofilms can build up in water pipes.

Altamont Superintendent of Public Works Jeff Moller said no testing was needed because of the “biofilm” that has built up on the inside of the asbestos-cement water pipe.

“It’s at the core of our operation in terms of teaching and learning, and has become even more so since the pandemic,” Superintendent Marie Wiles of technology. “But it also touches our heat, our phone system, our fire-alarm system, our transportation system. We can’t take attendance without technology.”

Altamont Police Chief Jason Johnston said the scam appears to have something “to do with some sort of special that [PNC] is running where people get money for opening accounts.”

While Guilderland School Board members are frustrated with the county health department’s policy that quarantines asymptomatic students who may have been exposed to COVID-19, the county’s health commissioner notes the policy is recommended by both the state and the CDC and calls it an “essential strategy to reduce the spread of COVID in schools.”

GUILDERLAND — An early morning fire alarm at Farnsworth Middle School did not close the school on Friday; only the locker rooms were closed.

When a fighting crowd dispersed from a Crossgates Mall parking lot on Saturday night, Guilderland Police found a 14-year-old boy standing on the sidewalk in front of the Standard Restaurant — with stab wounds to his buttocks.

GUILDERLAND — What began as a path traveled by Native Americans became a plank road for European settlers and now is suburban Guilderland’s major thoroughfare — Route 20.