Guilderland Central School District

GUILDERLAND — An exit poll on the narrowly defeated $43 million capital project to upgrade Guilderland’s seven schools shows the most frequently cited reason for voting “no,” at 56 percent, was, “The tax increase is not responsible.”

In the wake of its capital-project defeat, the Guilderland School District will look at exit polls to see what direction to take next, said Superintendent Marie Wiles.

Citizens in a democracy need to do their part — each one of us — to make a government of the people, by the people, and for the people viable.

A former fifth-grade student, now 19, says the occasional hugs that Tod Mell would give went on a little too long.

Kids in Trish McLean’s fourth-grade class at Pine Bush Elementary School are trying out the reconfigurable, movable furniture that is part of the district’s proposed capital project.

District Superintendent Marie Wiles hesitated to say if three times in a week was a lot. “They happen when they happen,” she said.

Catherine Ricchetti offers training sessions, which are “raved over,” for professionals across the state on how they can start their own service-dog programs, said a spokeswoman for the organization that honored her.

An average Guilderland homeowner will see a $103 annual increase in school taxes if a $43M district project passes.

GUILDERLAND — In advance of the Guilderland High School’s first home football game, scheduled for Sept.

Opened on Monday July 16, Farnsworth Middle School in Guilderland is holding it's annual Butterfly Station at the school to show the evolution of a butterfly.


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