Chance Townsend’s code-enforcement certification was reinstated on Dec. 17, making him eligible for the position.

A new wedding venue, Bluebird Farm, has opened in Rensselaerville, operated by four siblings who have turned their inherited property into a venture they hope will provide couples “affordable elegance with a view” and help bring money into the community. 

Switzkill Farm, in Berne

The order to show cause seeks to hold a permissive referendum on the town’s 2014 purchase of Switzkill Farm and eliminate a conservation easement. 

The Berne Town Board set its appointments for the year, which include Jody Jansen as dog-catcher, Joe Martin as chairman of the planning board, and Bob Kipper as the new planning board member. No appointment to the code-enforcement office was made.

Debbie Scott, who resigned this month as director of the Westerlo Public Library, had held the post for nearly a year-and-a-half. 

The New York Coalition for Open Government is a not-for-profit organization that puts pressure on local governments and public officials to not only follow the laws established by the state, but go beyond those measures to keep citizens in the know. 

Internet access in the Hilltowns will be provided by the aerospace company SpaceX through its Starlink satellite constellation.

Berne Councilman Joel Willsey sent an email addressed to Supervisor Sean Lyons and Deputy Supervisor Dennis Palow requesting that they resign from their positions; Willsey believes they deliberately attempted to mislead the public about this year’s town government appointments.

Rensselaerville’s proposed solar law defines a small-scale solar installation as one that generates no more than 25 kilowatts, or 120 percent of a site’s energy needs. These projects can theoretically be placed anywhere in the town, but may be subject to planning board review.

Supervisor Sean Lyons said the decision to advertise for these positions stemmed from residents’ complaints about the town’s current appointments.