We are living in a time and nation of deep division and animosity, a time of racial reckoning, a time when our trusted democratic institutions are faltering. This has been exacerbated by a pandemic that has driven many of us into isolation so it is both refreshing and uplifting to come across an initiative that bridges divides and allows people to connect — even if remotely — in a way that is helpful and healing. We wholeheartedly endorse a program launched this month to serve residents of Albany and Schenectady counties.

Letters to the Editor

Mark House, Jean Simmons, Lynn Baldauf, Sue Green, Guilderhaven Inc.

Shirley Unser, New York Capital District Christian Women’s Connection

Judy Kimes, New Scotland Historical Association

Ryan Irwin, Guilderland

Kate Bailey, Voorheesville

Shirley Milbert, Delmar

John Polk and Rebecca Stumpf, Altamont

Katherine Dieckmann, Westerlo

Donna Gwin, Friends of the Berne Library

Linda Smith, Treasurer Hannacroix Rural Cemetery

Carol Waterman, Guilderland