A job is a ticket to society. And people with jobs, part of a long line of immigrants enriching our nation over centuries, rather than relying on a social safety net, help to make it stronger — they contribute, which in turn protects others who need it.

Letters to the Editor

Marilyn Miles, Clarksville Historical Society

Judy Kimes, Publicist New Scotland Historical Association

Bonnie O’Shea, Church elder, New Scotland Presbyterian Church

Donna Gwin, Secretary, Knox Historical Society

Judi Dineen, Altamont Reformed Church

Paul Stewart, Co-founder Underground Railroad Education Center, Albany

Jane Norris, Clerk of Session New Scotland Presbyterian Church 

Dwight and Shanna Anderson, New Scotland

Sandy Slingerland, Don Slingerland, Marilyn Miles, Clarksville Historical Society’s Exhibit Committee

Judy Kimes, NSHA Publicist

Judy Kimes, Publicist New Scotland Historical Association

Tom Capuano, Vice President Guilderland Historical Society

Liza Baran, Dan Barker, Mary Bastian, Debbie Evans, Leanne Royer, ACT Fall Festival Planning Committee