No longer counting the time until its deadline in days but hours, the Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy stands about $50,000 short of its $1.2 million fund-raising target to buy the former Bender melon farm.

The town of New Scotland recently clarified its employee policy with regard to COVID pay.

Richard Glover, a neighbor of Picard’s Grove, working with the Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy, purchased the 87-acre property for $665,000.

New Scotland’s tentative $8.5 million budget for 2021 is up about 4 percent compared to this year. To make up the spending increase, the town will have to tap its rainy-day fund and increase taxes. 

With just the month of October left, the Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy is racing to raise another $90,000 to buy the former Bender melon farm in New Scotland.

Voorheesville volleyball captains

Voorheesville’s high school was recognized with one of the most prestigious awards in education. 

Borrego Solar Systems is seeking to install 20 acres of solar panels on a vacant 27-acre site along Altamont Road in New Scotland. The New Scotland Zoning Board set an Oct. 27 public hearing for the project. 

NEW SCOTLAND — Voorheesville sixth-grade parents were notified on Thursday afternoon that children would be learning from home for a second straight day.

Nine months after Jeanne Picard Fish was declared “incapacitated” and placed in a nursing home, her property — close to 90 acres with an historic barn and house at the foot of the Helderbergs — is about to be sold for $660,000 in a way that will protect 80 percent of the land from future development.

Voorheesville has its first positive case of COVID-19 of the school year.