Guilderland Central School District

By September, Guilderland school leaders expect, each middle school and each high school student will have a Chromebook laptop.

GUILDERLAND  — Waiting to hear that every school and library proposition passed easily, and knowing all candidates were guaranteed seats, a score of leaders and candidates relaxed as they gathered in the Guilderland Elementary gym for poll results to be tallied Tuesday night.

The Guilderland School District held their annual ENL extravaganza for their students last Thursday at Farnsworth Middle School. 

Febronia Mansour

Febronia Mansour, a senior at Guilderland High School, discusses her last three years of studies that range from the study of one's gait to examining the link of Alzheimer's disease and autism and using the species Caenorhabditis elegans, a type of roundworm, to study neuroscience.


GUILDERLAND — Four candidates are running for four seats on the Guilderland school board. The top three vote-getters will serve full three-year terms; the candidate who finishes fourth will fill out a two-year term.

Teachers fight the darkness that descended after the murder of two elementary-school students with a scholarship, memorials.

Piscitelli intends to continue what he calls the “culture of collaboration” at Guilderland High School.

The school district’s budget includes several items added Tuesday by the school board — after contentious debate — without public discussion.

With more state aid than the governor calculated, Guilderland School Board members are considering recommendations to add to next year’s $100.7 million budget proposal.

female athletes

Concerns raised over the number of sports offered to girls in Voorheesville has the district looking to make additions.


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