Guilderland Central School District

The Guilderland school district has just begun to work with a black consultant about how to increase its racial and cultural diversity and inclusion. Some African-American parents think it has a long way to go. 

Seema Rivera

The new president of the Guilderland School Board “totally” wants the community to discuss  whether the district is doing enough to reflect the diversity of students in its faculty and curriculum. The new vice president says the district is already “very proactive in dealing with issues related to race, gender, and diversity.”

As commencement speaker, Gockley was chosen by the graduating class. He started out his speech with a catch in his voice. “Standing before you, I am amazed at the wonderful surprises that life can bring,” he said.

GUILDERLAND — These Guilderland High School graduates were awarded prizes and scholarships:

— William Guo, Rubin Chen, Ryan Garrant, Sophie Gerchikov, Gustavo Gonzalez, James Gu, Henry Li, Nicole McGrath, Nicolas Popolizio, Jin Shang, and Kevin Zuchowski: 2019 New York State Board of Regents Academic Excellence Scholarships;

Mitch Hahn teaches listening, in addition to writing, and helps his students learn to “listen not just to respond, but to understand, even if they don’t agree.” 

A solar farm that went online in January is expected to offset 58 percent of the Guilderland School District’s annual energy consumption, reducing operating expenses by $4.5 million over the next 20 years. The array is also being used as a teaching tool.

The first annual Girls Day in Sports held at Guilderland High School, offered girls in first through sixth grades learned how to play eight different sports, taught by coaches and high school players.

Eighteen highest-honors students sat onstage at the 1995 graduation. That number has risen over the years; it was 72 last year and is expected to be 52 this year.

GUILDERLAND — All five of the items on Guilderland’s ballots sailed through on Tuesday, most with a 2-to-1 approval ratio. The school and library budgets, the school and library capital projects, and the bus proposition all passed.

An anonymous flyer was distributed in the days before the October 2018 vote on a proposed school capital project, and the project was defeated by 58 votes. Now a very similar flyer is urging voters to defeat the school and library propositions on Tuesday, May 21.


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