“It is ultimately the natural world that protects us and provides our ability to live on the planet …You can’t just have economic growth. You also have to have conservation …  In a human-dominated world, increasingly, it’s our responsibility to do that work.”


The plan from Carver Companies was presented to the Guilderland Development Planning Committee during an early-morning meeting on Tuesday.


On Tuesday, Sept. 20, the Guilderland girls’ tennis team hosted the Shaker Bison, a team they haven’t beaten in the regular season in four years. That changed this week, as Guilderland won, 7 to 2.



The World Health Organization has released six policy briefs outlining the key actions governments must take based on the evidence and experience of the last 32 months of what works best to save lives, protect health systems, and avoid social and economic disruption.

New Scotland

The New Scotland Planning Board on Tuesday granted site-plan approval to  modification requests made by the owner of the Grove at Maple Point development on Route 85A. 


The $3 million tentative budget hits its 2-percent tax levy limit, but that won’t apply to all residents in the town since the important increases occur within three of the town’s special districts. 







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