Local shops are open for business, but they continue to feel the effects of the pandemic.

Coronavirus overview


Week XXII: Schools make plans to reopen as local government leaders seek federal funds

The announcement that New York would reopen schools came against a backdrop in which a research team at the University of Florida isolated live virus from aerosols collected at a distance of seven to 16 feet from patients hospitalized with COVID-19, which is further than the six feet recommended in social-distancing guidelines. Although not yet vetted by peer review, the findings have raised concern about school reopenings.





Besides our empathy for indigenous people hurt by megadams, we also have concerns about the lack of scientific support that would make it clear this type of hydropower is good for the environment.


The federal judge that dismissed a suit from Guilderland residents concluded that, at worst, the town allowed Pyramid to clear-cut part of its property and, she wrote, “While this certainly could be seen as vexatious given that the property was undergoing a SEQRA review, it is not the sort of conduct that shocks the conscience or is ‘truly brutal and offensive to human dignity.’”



Guilderland has joined neighboring municipalities in approving the burying of a cable to bring electricity from Canada to the New York City area. Several citizens and a dissenting town board member raised environmental and human-rights concerns about the megadams producing the hydropower.

New Scotland

This week, changes were made to Voorheesville’s school schedule for fall, and the district’s assistant superintendent stepped down. About 100 students have made remote-learnig requests.


Lee Thomas inspired the Black Lives Matter rally

About 140 people gathered for a peaceful, home-grown Black Lives Matter rally in Berne on Sunday. Most of them listened to speeches in the park pavilion while two dozen stayed near their motorcycles and pickup trucks on the edge of the parking lot — several saying they saw themselves as protectors since they view the BLM movement as destructive.







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