It is crucial for hospitals to work with emergency medical services to shorten wait times. Federal law makes the hospital responsible for a patient once an ambulance reaches hospital property, and EMS remaining with the patient is voluntary.


“We are passing a bond but we are not raising taxes,” Commissioner William Kanas stressed, explaining that the district had set aside money each year for repairs to the massive firehouse it built 20 years ago.


On Tuesday, Nov. 29, the Guilderland Dutchmen kicked off the season with a trip to Del Lanes to take on the Bethlehem Eagles. The Dutch fell, 18 to 14, with 3424 to 3444 in total pins.



The DEC directive became controversial in Guilderland in 2020 when Pyramid, owner of Crossgates Mall, cut trees to make way for a Costco, citing the need to do so to beat the deadline meant to protect the northern long-eared bats while advocates from Save the Pine Bush said the land had not been properly surveyed for the bats.

New Scotland

But now, nearly 12 months after it rescinded its objection to the deal, the village of Voorheesville finds itself in roughly the same position it did in December 2021, with the Quiet Zone project appearing to be back on track, only now Voorheesville could be looking at $50,000 in annual maintenance costs for the two safety gates it’s been pining after for a decade.


The homeschooling rate at Berne-Knox-Westerlo doubled during the pandemic and has yet to come down, leaving district officials to figure out how to attract students back into a formal school setting. 







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