ALBANY COUNTY — On Thanksgiving Day, the county sheriff said he wasn’t enforcing the 10-person restrictions for gatherings, and the governor downplayed Wednesday night’s United States Supreme Court decision striking down New York’s orders limiting religious gatherings, saying, “It doesn’t have any practical effect.”

Coronavirus overview

Cuomo to Congress: Don’t abandon Americans

As sales-tax revenues continue to fall short of last year’s mark and as New York State residents continue to pay more in federal taxes than the state gets back in programs, according to new reports from the comptroller’s office, Governor Andrew Cuomo has sent a letter to congressional leaders urging quick passage of more federal pandemic relief.





The Stonecrop house

 One of the great strengths of the institute has always been the way it has drawn from the community.


A fairy-tale book released by J.K. Rowling to entertain kids confined by the pandemic lured 12-year-old Isla Besha of Altamont to draw a picture that was chosen, in an international contest, to illustrate the book.


On Friday and Saturday, the Guilderville girls swimming team, made up of Guilderland-Voorheesville students, swam at Shenendehowa High School for the Suburban Council Championships. The team finished 5th overall with 216 points.



Thanksgiving Community Dinner

Albany County’s health commissioner and executive have frequently urged residents to stay home with their immediate families for Thanksgiving. Both McCoy and Whalen have said that they themselves are not gathering with extended family but rather dining just with immediate family members at home.

New Scotland

The New Scotland solar law’s prime-soil and soils-of-statewide-importance provisions make siting a solar project in town nearly impossible. 


Concerns over the hours Knox’s building inspector spends at his Albany job are unfounded without additional evidence, Knox Supervisor Vasilios Lefkaditis told The Enterprise.







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