“We so depend on everybody doing their part,” said Superintendent Marie Wiles. This means, she said, continuing with wellness checks, maintaining social distancing, wearing masks, and frequently washing hands.

Coronavirus overview


Week XXVII: County works to contain UAlbany COVID-19 spike, NYSUT sues state over withheld aid

The state’s largest teachers’ union is suing the state over withheld aid to schools.





Compromise in the late 1700s moved a new nation forward. We could learn from that example now — on both a national and local level. Where is the domestic tranquility, where is the promotion of the general welfare, where are the blessings of liberty today that the Constitution set out to secure?


Currently, some places in Guilderland’s five elementary schools, middle school, and high school have “dead spots” for communication, said Superintendent Marie Wiles. The award will be used to upgrade radio communication for all seven buildings.



Recent tax collections for New York State

On Friday, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reversed its controversial guidance on COVID-19 testing.

New Scotland

In the early 1980s, the former Feura Bush school was sold and six local boys were without a place to play.


Vandalism was discovered in Westerlo’s town park this week, with graffiti artwork and crude phrases scrawled around the pavilion. 







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