Guilderland Central School District

The State Education Department recently identified 582 schools, just 13 percent of schools statewide, as “high achieving” and “high progress” — two local schools made the cut.

Impatient for change, Lynnwood Elementary parent Michelle Charles has moved her family to Boston, which she says is much more progressive. 

Natalia LeMoyne

Local schools, though closed, are continuing to provide sustenance to students — food and social services for those who need it as well as remote teaching.

Either a student or staff member with a confirmed case of COVID-19 would trigger a school closing.

Describing the mood at school today, Superintendent Marie Wiles said, “People are worried and you can feel the anxiety build as this moves closer and closer to our community.”

Wiles said it was “horrible” to have to tell the students who had rehearsed for the "Chicago" musical for months that, on what was scheduled to be opening night, the show would not go on.

“They were heartbroken and upset,” she said, “which is understandable.”

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Albany County Executive Daniel McCoy announced on Friday afternoon that there have been no positive test results in the county for COVID-19. Two tests were pending and 14 households were under quarantine, the executive’s office reported on Friday evening.

“We’ve been able to ensure every student has technology. It really levels the playing field,” said Demian Singleton, the district’s assistant superintendent for instruction.

Retired Guilderland teacher Timothy Horan had been elected vice president of the board last July. 

With an increase of half of a percent in state Foundation Aid for next year and a limit of $1.6 million more to be raised from taxes, the Guilderland schools are hoping to be able to maintain the programs and staff they have with this year’s $102 million budget.

Jeffrey Herchenroder ​

“Jeff was a superior musician who gave everything he had to his students. He was a truly unique man who was passionate about so many things, including his family, students, music, and the world around us,” said Shannon Woodley, band teacher at Lynnwood and Pine Bush elementary schools.


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