Guilderland Central School District

With an increase of half of a percent in state Foundation Aid for next year and a limit of $1.6 million more to be raised from taxes, the Guilderland schools are hoping to be able to maintain the programs and staff they have with this year’s $102 million budget.

Jeffrey Herchenroder ​

“Jeff was a superior musician who gave everything he had to his students. He was a truly unique man who was passionate about so many things, including his family, students, music, and the world around us,” said Shannon Woodley, band teacher at Lynnwood and Pine Bush elementary schools.

Students — without notes — talked about possibility in the first-ever Tedx Guilderland HS event on Jan. 24. Charles Joseph told listeners about why they should be investing their money and making it work for them. Jun Ho Oh spoke of the changes 5G technology will bring and said that 2021 will be “an entirely different world than we see it now.” Lavanya Prabhakar talked about the arguments for multiverses. Alyssa Koh recommended making a habit of fearlessness by always setting new goals, whether huge or miniscule: “By daring myself to do things, no matter what, no backsies — if I fail, I fail; if I succeed, I succeed,” she said. 

Two Fox Farm

The Capital District Farm to Fork Local Food Expo was held Wednesday at Guilderland High School. About 40 buyers were on hand to taste local products at the free event.

The Guilderland school district has learned from painful experience that, in the space of 20 years, the identity of a person honored by a memorial may be lost to current faculty, staff, and students.

Srikar Ganapathiraju says the medical internship he did while a senior at Guilderland High School has opened many doors for him as a pre-med student at Boston University. 

GUILDERLAND — Fifteen-year-old Gabriella Cusato, described by her family in a tribute as a “true spark of joy that blessed the lives of many,” died early Saturday morning, Nov 23, 2019. She was a sophomore at Guilderland High School. 

Corrina Goutos

Corrina Goutos has this advice for parents, “Let your kids dream so big. Be their safety net.” Goutos, who grew up in Altamont, said her parents did just that for her. Since childhood, she had a love of beauty and a gut need to fight for what is right. She combines both in her art.

Being a pediatrician involved in caring for children who have been abused involves many “inspiring moments,” says Rebecca Butterfield, M.D., who has been selected to join Guilderland’s school board. 

Five people are seeking the unpaid school board post. Their job interviews will be conducted in public and broadcast live on TV. 


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