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  • How do prices and subscriptions work?

The Enterprise typically uses a monthly recurring subscription. The price you see on the Subscribe page (e.g. $4.99) is the price per month, which is a recurring charge each month, set in motion by your initial order. Buying one discrete period, is still acceptable. Just choose the "Annual" option on the subscribe page at

Paying monthly has many benefits. You cancel in the month you want to end your subscription, without worrying about what to do with extra credit because you've paid upfront. This also eliminates the problem of losing a postcard and inadvertently letting the subscription lapse. You may also use your online account (i.e. email and password) to edit your mailing or billing information, schedule a change of address, and sign up for subscriber-only emails.


Print subscribers do not automatically have unlimited access to You must purchase a digital option on our subscribe page in order to have full access to the website.

Note: Current print subscribers who want to add digital access should call our front desk, at (518)861-4026 ext. 101, to have it set up. 


Some email newsletters are open to anyone who has registered their email address on, with or without a subscription. Other newsletters are available to subscribers with paid subscriptions, noted as "Member newsletters" under user settings.

  1. Log in at
  2. Go to the "Edit" tab.
  3. Checked boxes enable newsletters; empty boxes disable them.
  4. Click "Save" at the bottom of the page.






  • I purchased an online subscription and I can read some articles, but why do I still get prompted to become a subscriber?

Make sure you are logged in on the website, using your username and password at the "Log in" link at the bottom of every page, also at In order to use the website, you must be logged in.

This is often a matter of communication between your browser or device and the website.

Many Internet browsers allow in their settings or preferences for saving passwords to specific websites, skipping the step of logging in at every visit — look in the preferences or settings for the browser you use. It may also be that you are using a browser that prevents login credentials from being saved. Or the browser may use a cached page, instead of recognizing a logged-in user. This prevents a subscriber from ever reading certain articles. We recommend using well-known browsers, like Google ChromeMozilla Firefox, Safari, Safari (Windows), or Internet Explorer.


  • What is the difference between digital and print subscriptions?

Readers can get every article and picture in the print edition before it reaches most mailboxes. Every Friday, the website is current with the newspaper, with the exception of display ads. Blotters and dockets appear online for only one week at a time, available only to subscribers.

Every week, The Enterprise, in its print edition, publishes local arrests because we believe it is important for the community to know both about recent crime in the area and how law enforcement agencies are handling that crime. However, we do not maintain an archive of the arrests online because the information lasts indefinitely and is available worldwide, no longer serving the function of specifically informing the local community of current arrests.






(518)861-4026 ext. 101 — [email protected]
  • Why advertise in The Enterprise?

Residents of western Albany County turn to The Enterprise as their primary source of concrete information about the decisions being made and the stories unfolding in their midst. Since 1884, The Enterprise has built a reputation as a strong local source of information focused on the details and people that no other media is covering. The Enterprise provides an open exchange, with its opinion pages and in-depth articles, of information and ideas through which its communities solve problems and learn about one another.

As an audience, Enterprise readers are highly engaged and read the paper in print and online. People who get their news from print tend to have a higher age on average, and those who read at tend to be younger and well educated, with a majority using mobile devices.


  • Will The Enterprise write an article about my business if I advertise?

No. Advertising is independent from editorial work published by The Enterprise newsroom in that it does not influence editorial decisions one way or another. Advertising with The Enteprise is not a guarantee that a reporter will write about your business. If you have news, please email the editor, Melissa Hale-Spencer, at [email protected].

Advertisers do, however, have the opportunity to have The Enterprise help with their own editorial efforts, most prominently in an annual Progress Edition, which highlights local businesses with articles clearly marked as advertising so as not to confuse readers.


  • Do I need to design my own ad?

All advertising is offered with free design with limited revision. We also are happy to accept camera-ready ads, to be printed as is, or refer you to freelance designers with reasonable rates. See our advertising page for specs and policies.


  • How many people will see my ad in The Enterprise?

The Altamont Enterprise & Albany County Post has a weekly paid circulation of 4,500 copies which varies with newsstand sales. has an average of 45,000 unique visitors and 105,500 page views each month.


For more information about figures, rates and ad dimensions email: [email protected]