Rizzo starts medical leave of absence from Lynnwood

Enterprise file photo  Melissa Hale-Spencer
Marcia Ranieri

GUILDERLAND — Principal Alicia Rizzo of Lynnwood has started an unforeseen medical leave of absence that will last at least several weeks, Superintendent Marie Wiles informed parents this week in a letter.

Marcia Ranieri, the district’s instructional administrator for world languages and English as a New Language, will help with the day-to-day operations of the building, Wiles said.

“This is kind of a preliminary plan,” Wiles told the Enterprise Wednesday, noting that Ranieri is still also working in her other job as instructional administrator. “When we need to revisit it, we will.”

Ranieri has helped out at Lynnwood once or twice before during leaves of absence, Wiles said, and “knows the people and their routines.”

Rizzo took a one-month medical leave of absence in 2016.

Principals of two of Guilderland other four elementary schools — Christopher Sanita of Pine Bush and Peter Brabant of Altamont — as well as district office administrators and other members of the Guilderland leadership team will be available at a moment’s notice, Wiles’s letter said.

— Elizabeth Floyd Mair

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