Incumbent Democrat Patricia A. Fahy faces two challengers to represent the 109th State Assembly district: Republican Richard G. Porter and Conservative Joseph P. Sullivan.

Candidates for New York State’s Assembly and Senate were asked about relevant background, their reasons for running, and what they hope to achieve if elected. They were also asked to give their views on each of these issues:

The Trump administration, in its committee reports and task forces, has entertained the idea of privatizing the post office.

The stories of how Abdi Nor Iftin and Julissa Arce became Americans put a human face on the immigration controversy.

Firefighters say requiring sprinklers in new homes would save lives. Realtors say installing such systems should be a matter of personal choice not a government requirement.

Randi Smith and her son, Dakota, both pleaded guilty this week for their involvement in an embezzlement scheme, stealing from the New York State Weatherization Directors Association.