Last July, severe storms and flash floods hurt roads, homes, and businesses. Now those hurt by the storms may apply for low-interest loans.

Just back from federal court in Ohio for a lawsuit against the drug industry, Albany County Executive Daniel McCoy hopes to return for a settlement in a matter of months.

In New York State, only one in 44 cases of elder financial abuse are ever reported. Local police were instructed Monday on ways to ferret out elder financial abuse.

If Congressman Paul Tonko’s bill passes, an inmate with an addiction could go from a prison recovery program to an outside program without having time in between to relapse.

The county executive touched on local issues in his speech, but used national issues such as the #MeToo movement and the opioid epidemic as a springboard into announcing new county initiatives.

The county executive said Friday that the county will be joining hundreds of other plaintiffs to testify against the pharmaceutical industry this coming week.

A nationwide cumulative student-loan debt $1.36 trillion and a burgeoning local “middle-skill” job market has some students, their families, and educators questioning if a four-year degree is still the ticket to a better life.