Several towns in Albany County employ their own prosecutors or have town attorneys serve as prosecutors for low-level offenses or violations of local laws, though it is unclear whether this is a benefit to towns or not.

Ray Wood’s hobby of finding the fathers of Amerasians living in the United States has brought peace and contentment to local restaurant owner Van Nguyen, who was able to meet and bond with his father over the months before the older man’s death in 2018.

ALBANY COUNTY — Dennis Grant, 44, of Knox was sentenced on Friday to 12 years to life in state prison for second-degree attempted burglary, a violent felony — the fifth in a string of burglary-related convictions. At his sentencing, Grant was classified as a mandatory persistent felon.

The state has granted a six-month extension for the Interim Mortgage Assistance Program’s most vulnerable participants, made possible by an additional $3.9 million in state funding.

ALBANY COUNTY — A suit brought by four young men, transferred from jail on Rikers Island in New York City to Albany County’s jail while awaiting trial, alleges they were routinely assaulted, including sexual assault, by prison officers upon their arrival and that they were then forced to live in solitary confinement for months on end.

School backpack programs do what they can to help hungry students get through the long holiday.

Both Jay Coleman, who has liver cancer, and his wife, Alison Coleman, have devoted their lives to helping people who are caught up in the criminal-justice system. After a quarter-century of incarceration, Jay Coleman created a pioneering program to help others make the most of their time in prison.

ALBANY COUNTY — The sheriff’s office here is among 13 local law-enforcement agencies across New York to receive a total of $1 million for body-worn cameras.

The Albany County Sheriff’s Office will receive $69,151 for 43 body-worn camera systems, six body-worn camera docking stations, and other accessories.

New York’s attorney general, Barbara Underwood, has sued Target Corporation, Walmart Inc., and importer LaRose Industries, for allegedly committing thousands of violations of multiple New York laws governing the safety of children’s toys sold in the state.