Guilderland Central School District

There was no joking around for the Guilderland Dutchmen football team April 1 as they played the Raiders of Colonie. As snow fell during the start of the game, the Dutch led by their defense and elusive ground attack, winning 48-to-6.

All Guilderland schools, including the middle school and high school with new coronavirus cases, are remaining open for in-person instruction.

Jim Meade, Los Angeles

Farnsworth Middle School butterfly station

In discussing its goals, as ideas popped liked fireworks, the Guilderland School Board focused on social justice. The board plans to formalize its goals at its Aug. 11 meeting.

Asked why Guilderland was eager to change now when earlier administrations had been unwilling, Superintendent Marie Wiles said, “We’re at a watershed moment in our country. George Floyd and what happened to him just woke people up. Great numbers are starting to see there really is systemic racism that we haven’t been really appreciative of.” She also said, “We’ve got the trifecta,” and referenced the coronavirus pandemic, economic uncertainty, and social unrest. “Maybe that’s what it takes to wake us up,” said Wiles.

Faced with potentially drastic cuts in future state aid, the majority of candidates favored renegotiating contracts rather than cutting school programs in Guilderland.

Blanca Parker

GUILDERLAND — Blanca Parker says she appreciates the education she got in the Guilderland schools and she’s running for the school board both because she wants to give back and because she thinks she can help make improvements.

Luciano Alonzi

GUILDERLAND — Luciano Alonzi says his recent firsthand experience as a Guilderland student gives him insights other board members may not have. At 22, he’s making his first run for school board.

He says he’s “seen the system from the inside.”

Benjamin Goes

GUILDERLAND — Benjamin Goes says the best thing he’s ever done is volunteer with Guilderland High School’s E = mc2 program, helping students with individual projects. “It inspired me to be more involved with the schools and to find more ways to support students so I decided to run for school board,” he said.

Judy Slack

GUILDERLAND — “I love working with kids,” says Judy Slack who has served on the Guilderland School board for 12 years and is now seeking a fifth term.


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