All across our nation, the descendants of European settlers have taken pride in this pioneering spirit. But, since the Europeans did not travel lightly on the land as the Native Americans had before them, the balance shifted. Wilderness is no longer a given, something to be conquered or even taken for granted. It will not be there forever unless we preserve and protect what we have left of it.

Letters to the Editor

Shirley Unser, Capital District Christian Women’s Connection

John C. Overbeck and Donna May Crego, Freeman House Guilderland Center

Anne M. McCabe, Delmar

Doug LaGrange, Supervisor, Town of New Scotland

JoAnne Brady, Berne Public Library Board of Trustees

Maryellen Gillis, HFCO, Chuck Conklin, Thrivent Action

To the Editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to say how much I love living in the town of Berne, a truly beautiful place, and I am so thankful for the property that I reside on.

To the Editor:

Color me dumbfounded. In all of the unabashed displays of disregard for resident concerns in the face of development interests, this has to reign supreme. 

Susan Mosher, Guilderland

Robert Whiteman Director Voorheesville Dionysians