Labor day passed off quite pleasantly. Some visitors were in town, and some went away for the day. There was quite a large party at Osterhout’s camp, enjoying themselves in various ways, eating good things such as ice cream, clam chowder, hot dogs, sandwiches and a variety of soft drinks. 


— Tuesday next is the first day of school. Get your pads and pencils ready, children, and make a good start. 

— Urban White is building a new dwelling west of this village. On Thursday he had a “Bee,” and the roof was shingled in quick order. 


— Mr. and Mrs. Charles Livingston, Miss Catherine Livingston, and John Giffin spent several days this week in New York city, making the trip by boat. 



— Charles Pitcher has the champion hen. Nearly every egg has a double yolk. One egg that was broken had three yolks and was as large as a small goose egg.