After the outbreaks in the building at 1228 Western Ave. in 2012, when it was a hotel, and in February 2019, after it became an assisted-living facility, was there another outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease in September? … The public — particularly the people living in that building — deserves answers.

It takes a rare person, like Damion Coppedge, to come out of an SHU sanction with his humanity in tact. It looks to us like the things that sustained Coppedge in prison — a session where he was first introduced to Buddhism, mail that allowed him to play chess, a radio through which he heard poetry — are what will make him a productive member of society now that he is out of prison.

If the state can ban plastic bags, why can’t it ban plastic bottles? People for generations carried canteens or used public water fountains when they were thirsty. There is no human need to have water in plastic bottles.

In the last half century, North America has lost 29 percent of its birds, according to a recent, stunning report that estimates a net loss approaching 3 billion birds.

If our elected boards develop meaningful codes of ethics and set up ethics boards to guide them, the character of our communities will be sterling.

We strongly advise all of the Westerlo Town Board members to read the Civil Service Law before breaking the law and hiring someone else for the assessor’s job. If the board still wants to remove Peter Hotaling, it must go through the state-required hearing process.

As we approach budget-drafting season in our towns, we urge our municipal leaders to set aside some funds for their town historians to carry on worthwhile work. 

In both cases — a splendid Guilderland home for foster children on a break, and a remade wing of county jail for parolees and people without a home — we can see the importance of respite.

We do not have to sacrifice the health of our citizenry, or the health of our world, for a prosperous economy.