“You hear all the time about closure. Now I know what it means. His name is in your paper, and his picture … Just being accused is somewhat closure for me.”

The flag with the Southern Cross was rarely used during the decades following the Civil War. It was revived only during the Civil Rights era to oppose the movement toward equality. As such, it is less a symbol of Southern heritage than it is of white supremacy.

We believe the public deserves answers not just because taxpayers are paying the bill but because the way our youth are punished  — and ultimately either hurt or helped by the criminal-justice system — affects the entire society.

Cheyenne Keppler rode her four-wheeler to the top of a hill and watched as the cows were loaded into trucks. She wondered if they would have the same treatment they had gotten at her father’s farm, with pastures to roam in and the healthiest grain to eat.

Communities can act when the feds fail.

Resolve that this is not the end of an era of excellent care in the Hilltowns. Berne must find an independent doctor who cares.

“Government is the public’s business and ... the public, individually and collectively and represented by a free press, should have access to the records of government …”

So on this Memorial Day, here and now in the United States, when newcomers to our country are being targeted, when racism has been rekindled, and when there have been attacks on synagogues, in Pennsylvania and California, we need to hear Rabbi Gittelsohn’s words — the sermon he called “The Purest Democracy.”