For close to two decades, we have pushed on this page for a change that seems quite obvious to be a change for the good: a later start time for the high school day.

Solitary confinement can become a death sentence.

Coming out of the pandemic — with an unprecedented infusion of support for state and local governments from the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan — New York State has a chance to rebuild its dysfunctional property assessment system in a way that is better.

Focusing on the things that are the same in each of us because we are human beings is better than focusing on the differences that set us apart. That is the way our nations will move forward.

“Your process will not be successful if it simply restates the current functions, strategies and operations of the police department, without deep and probing consideration of the perspectives of those who seek reform,” says the state’s guidance. 

All across our nation, the descendants of European settlers have taken pride in this pioneering spirit. But, since the Europeans did not travel lightly on the land as the Native Americans had before them, the balance shifted. Wilderness is no longer a given, something to be conquered or even taken for granted. It will not be there forever unless we preserve and protect what we have left of it.

We believe the best way to honor Peter Becker is to prevent deaths like his in the future. Responsible town leaders, including the highway superintendent, must be transparent about what went wrong and must correct the violations as soon as possible. This is essential for restoring public trust. It is also a matter of life and death.