A state law would be a wise investment in our future. Without it, districts like Guilderland that have considerable need, but not enough to meet even the new lowered federal threshold, are helpless to act. They cannot jump on the bandwagon as our concerned grandmother advocated for.

Once Republicans gained control of the Berne Town Board, Switzkill Farm became terra non grata.

As the Free Little Food Pantry adherents say, together we can create something big from something little as we nourish ourselves by nourishing others.

We must acknowledge each person as an individual while also seeking to understand that person’s background. But, above all, we must see our common humanity.

It is not clear to us how this law, if passed, would make schools safer nor how it would be enforced. Our police resources can be better used elsewhere.

Sing the song, keep the words from going bad. Cast your vote on Nov. 7. Then write a letter to your editor, speak the truth in civil tones. Keep democracy strong. Put the feeling of vitality everywhere.

Choosing historically accurate colors will cost no more than using the ubiquitous white that once obscured the history of these homes.

The current system relies on insured patients, once they are paid for ambulance services by their insurance companies, to, in turn, pay the ambulance squad. Often, this doesn’t happen.

Since the developer’s gamble failed, it may give the town a chance to purchase the property — perhaps with Watervliet chipping in — to protect the municipalities’ shared water source while, at the same time, offering Guilderland residents a natural respite in the midst of the rapidly-developing suburb.