It is crucial for hospitals to work with emergency medical services to shorten wait times. Federal law makes the hospital responsible for a patient once an ambulance reaches hospital property, and EMS remaining with the patient is voluntary.

With truth as our guide — we can’t accept the lies that have engulfed us for the past six years — we need to talk across parties and find common ground.

While we do not discount concerns about farmland disappearing, we believe development is a more likely culprit than solar arrays. We urge continued responsible planning — on both the state and local levels — and we urge farmers to consider the advantages of agrivoltaics.

We realize this is a chicken-or-egg situation. The CDTA doesn’t want to provide a bus route that few people ride. But, without that route, we can’t begin to make the change we need to save our planet. We urge CDTA to launch a run from Altamont and Voorheesville to the hub at Crossgates Mall and, most importantly, we urge residents to use it.

Persisting in factual errors undermines our government. We can’t live with the facts and surmount them if we don’t accept them. There are no such things as “alternative facts.” Something is true or untrue — or perhaps unknown.

Guilderland is not unique. Racism is everywhere in our society. That doesn’t mean it should be tolerated. Each of us should work, as the Guilderland schools are, to combat racism. You have to recognize a problem in order to solve it.

We know that, in this era of rising inflation, schools like the rest of us need to be careful with how they manage their money.

We also know that the Guilderland school district just received a clean audit because it does indeed carefully manage the funds with which the public has entrusted it.

These climate-change disasters are not entirely natural. They have been made worse — more severe and more frequent — by human activities. We therefore have a moral imperative to help.

What would happen if the town hall went dark or the library or the senior center? What would happen without electricity at the pump station or the wastewater treatment facility or the highway garage? But equally alarming is the darkness — the black void — of no explanation for the unpaid bills.