The virus is indiscriminately killing people, particularly the old and vulnerable. And yet, isolated as we now must be, people are sharing and helping others.

Now we have a call from Guilderland — from Kenneth Kovalchik, the town’s planner — for the Hilltowns, Guilderland, and New Scotland to work together for the good of all. We endorse this call wholeheartedly. 

Releasing key information coupled with an assertive response is the best way to keep the public calm in the midst of the spreading coronavirus.

We must protect places that are seen as essential for the common good. In the past, we have urged individual municipalities to protect the Helderbergs with their zoning and planning processes. We now urge the county to take up that banner.

Through the civil exchange of ideas on Albany’s dilapidated Central Warehouse, truth has emerged — along with a caveat for the future: Construct current buildings in such a way that they can be safely removed or converted.

The Museum Education Act should be funded in the state’s budget as it would support the important learning that comes from museum visits and would allow students from poor districts the same opportunities for field trips that students in wealthier districts enjoy.

For short-term profits from logging or drilling or mining, ecosystems that would sustain humans in the long run will be undermined. What recourse do we have in the face of such hubris? How can we avert the catastrophe that will surely follow?