My brother-in-law, who lives in Vietnam, urgently wants to get vaccinated against COVID-19 — but can’t. Vaccine in Vietnam is hard to come by as it is in many nations around the world.

We urge the gatekeepers in Guilderland to open their hearts.

A choice gives citizens a reason to participate — to control the direction of their government. For the good of democracy, Westerlo Democrats, give voters a choice.

We must not be complacent about our duties as citizens. Democracy will wither if the majority of Americans do not exercise their essential right to vote.

The effort to save the planet from ourselves will take all of us. We are lucky to live in a state with such a vast wilderness area and luckier still to live in the Capital Region, making it easy for us to both enjoy the Adirondacks and to contribute to the park’s prosperity and preservation.

We were stirred by the words of these small-town Americans who saw a need — an imperative for the health and safety of their residents and for the prosperity or even survival of their town — and acted on it. They provide a model for other towns to follow: Draw on the talents of citizens to define a problem and then map out a means to solve it.

We urge the towns we cover to look at the checklists the World Health Organization has provided to see where they are succeeding and, more importantly, how they can improve.

We urge each of our readers to think of yourself as holding onto a ribbon — a ribbon that joins you to your neighbor. You, of course, are unique and so is each person in the long line of people holding a ribbon, one to another. We have to see each person as an individual yet understand, too, we are connected in our humanity.