The originalist justices are missing a central, essential point: Democracy evolves.

Shouldn’t we move to a new aesthetic? In the short term, we could stop fertilizing with harmful chemicals; we could stop watering with a resource that could best be used elsewhere; and we could mow less, letting the natural plants return to our yards. And we could leave our grass clippings where they fall to help stem climate change.

Guilderland students a quarter of a century ago joined a battle that still must be carried through today.

Kenneth’s Army could continue its work against child abuse under a different name as Kenneth’s young sisters have requested since they say use of his name and picture hurts them. They’ve been hurt enough.

I felt the Guilderland students understood that, in the United States of America, our greatest strength lies in our diversity. They understood this even though many of them were hurting because of the prejudices they had suffered. Despite their pain — or maybe because of it — they had the courage to speak.

Harold Miller brought together people who cared about the Hilltowns — about its history and its future.

In 1857, the United States Supreme Court in Dred Scott v. Sandford ruled that our Constitution was not meant to include Black people as citizens regardless of whether they were enslaved or free.

As the world faces a food crisis in the not-too-distant future and is currently in the midst of a climate crisis, it would be wise to look at plant production as an alternative to animals for our nutrients.

We attended workshops to improve our writing and reach, we commisserated with colleagues over the hurdles posed by covering news in the midst of the pandemic, and we celebrated the work that has carried communities forward and shone light in dark times.