Melissa Hale-Spencer

Sanari Ismail

Sanari Ismail of Farnsworth Middle School thinks that students should be able to feel safe at school. The national walkout was set to be exactly one month from the date of the Feb. 14 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, where 17 people died.

Elementary student Riley Better has a key part in “The Music Man” and, says the show’s director, he is “a model for the high school kids; he’s in it to work.”

Ellen Taussig

Ellen Taussig, the new assistant superintendent of Buildings and Grounds for the Guilderland schools, says she’s a big sports fan and will enjoy rooting for the Dutchmen.

While security measures in Guilderland schools are extensive, Assistant Superintendent Neil Sanders says, “The majority of our efforts focus on building a stronger school community through communication, respect, and responsibility,”

Marie Wiles, budget presentation

Guilderland’s $100 million school budget proposal closes a $1.6 million gap partly by using $930,000 from the district’s fund balance.

The Friends of Thacher park hopes to attract families who will teach their children to be stewards of the park for the next generation.

While the film “Very Young Girls” portrays girls soliciting on the street, a Capital Region expert on sex trafficking said, “What we see locally is all the marketing on social media.”

David A. Mazzeo used money he got from scams to pay off victims of earlier scams, a jury heard before convicting him.

The fact that a crime isn’t prosecuted doesn’t mean that it hasn’t happened.

In New York State, only one in 44 cases of elder financial abuse are ever reported. Local police were instructed Monday on ways to ferret out elder financial abuse.


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