Melissa Hale-Spencer

This week, Albany County’s 126th of coping with the coronavirus, the governor’s office reported three virus-related deaths — one each on Aug. 4, 5, and 9 — in Albany County. This would bring Albany County’s COVID-19 death toll to 579 although, as of Tuesday, the county’s dashboard showed 578.

The tax rate for Guilderland residents will go up 4.84 percent rather than the 2.98 percent predicted last spring. This is because the taxable valuation in town decreased by nearly $80 million from the $4 billion estimated in April. So Guilderland residents will pay $18.20 per $1,000 of their property’s assessment.

“It seems like the world’s in chaos, the world’s at odds,” said Karol Harlow who organized a Day of Oneness in Berne on Sunday.

Shreya Sharath, at 13, has a passion for art.

So does Rachel, also 13, the central character in the book Shreya wrote, “The Hidden Realm.”

The Heldeberg Workshop was awarded an $8,000 grant by the Preservation League of New York State to fund a Historic Landscape Report of the property from 1750 till now.

President Biden had taken Paxlovid to quell the worst COVID symptoms but nevertheless suffered a rebound infection. In June, the CDC had posted a study finding that reports of hospitalizations or emergency-room encounters occurred infrequently among patients taking Paxlovid, representing less than 1 percent of Paxlovid-treated patients over the study period.

Neil Sanders, always speaking in measured tones with ready explanations for sometimes thorny questions, shepherded the district through the Great Recession in 2008 and 2009 when Guilderland cut over 100 jobs but did not suffer a budget defeat. His advice as another recession looms on the horizon: “It all goes back to being a team effort. Everybody’s got to be part of that discussion and process.”

At their June meeting, Guilderland School Board members passed, without discussion, two measures to pay tax reimbursements totaling about $3.1 million.

Janine Tessarzik is proud of being a powerful woman.

At age 40, she was named world champion at the Scottish Masters Athletics International World Championships held last month in Moncton, New Brunswick in Canada.

Blanca Isabela Parker has graduated from Hudson Valley Community College at the age of 17.


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