Zoning laws must protect the common good.

We can see, through our local University at Albany, the progress that has been made in dealing with rape on campus. We’re concerned that a change in federal guidelines will stunt gains made across the United States.

I am grateful to you, our readers, for sustaining The Altamont Enterprise over the years, allowing us to seek the truth and print it.

Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara’s two bills — one offering identification cards to people with autism, and the other training to police to successfully interact with people on the spectrum — should be made law.

Cheryl Nunamacher is courageous to speak of her son’s opioid addiction, helping to mute the stigma. Her experience shows us that better coordination is needed among the professionals — police, judges, probation officers, and rehab counselors — who are in the front lines fighting drug addiction and the crimes that often go with it.