KNOX—Complaints of noise from a property on Thompson’s Lake Road are motivating the town to investigate.

RENSSELAERVILLE—A resident is suing Rensselaerville, charging that the highway superintendent is stymieing his attempts to acquire records on town projects.

KNOX — Linda M. Heath showed the same qualities as a wife and mother that she did as town clerk and councilwoman.

RENSSELAERVILLE — The Albany County Sheriff’s Department has notified residents of Rensselaerville that a Level 3 sex offender—the highest risk—is living in town.

BERNE — Two Hilltown schools are struggling to deal with the death of a nine-year-old student.

WESTERLO — Students will still come to the Westerlo School this fall, but for the first time in the building’s history, they won’t be public-school students.

RENSSELAERVILLE — The Hilltowns’ only professional theater company is calling it quits after a quarter of a century.

BERNE — Once again, the Berne Republican Committee will support a registered Democrat in his run for town supervisor.

RENSSELAERVILLE — While supporters of a proposed radio tower say its location is necessary, some residents hope a Hilltown businessman will move it somewhere else.


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