Mary Alice Molgard, Commissioner, Berne Fire District

Anita C. Clayton, Berne Town Clerk

Helene G. Goldberger, Berne

Some of the Old Men of the Mountain are beginning to come out of the woodwork. There have been a few meetings at a couple of places on different days.

Ralph Miller, Berne

Carly Wright, Knox

Fran Porter, Altamont

KNOX — A 4.4-megawatt solar farm that’s proposed for 1688 Thompsons Lake Road, an undeveloped Knox property of roughly 33 acres owned by Mark and Janet Viscio, will not be subject until a public hearing until at least Decem

Peter M. Becker

BERNE — Peter Marvin Becker was a figure who loomed large on the Hill, not just for his prominent positions, but for his powerfully joyous personality.

Maryellen Gillis, Helderberg Family and Community Organization


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