Thompsons Lake, Aug. 22, 2013

It was another great week to eat from the garden. We really enjoyed our fill of zucchini dipped in egg, then flour and sautéed.

On Thursday, my grandson, Miles Pangburn and his wife, Melissa, joined my son, Dan and me for a steak dinner.

Miles is a great chef and he grilled the steak. We enjoyed fresh green beans from the garden.

This was an exciting week because Carrie LaFontaine flew in from St. Augustine, Fla. Carrie and Pat Lounsbury stopped at my house on Friday evening, Aug. 9, and had a short visit with my daughter, Marcia Pangburn and me.

Carrie brings excitement and gets us all to congregate and enjoy each other’s company.

Class reunion

On Friday evening, Aug. 16 I went to the Hofbrau with my daughters, Marcia Pangburn and Kathy Carnevale to the meet and greet for the Class of 1978’s 35th reunion.

There were teachers and people there I hadn’t seen in years. Connie Wolford Hoffman came from Minnesota. We used to live in the same house on Knox-Gallupville Road from 1960 to 1963. It was a 2-family home but we shared the same staircase to the bedrooms!

Peggy Clark drove here from Ohio. We called my grandson, Brandon Clark, and he and his friend, Jennifer Smith came right over. Peggy is his aunt on his father’s side but they hadn’t seen each other in years. They had a lot to catch up on.

There were photo albums and lots of reminiscing going on.

I didn’t attend the big event at the VFW on Saturday, Aug. 17, so I hope someone else reports on that.

I did go to the brunch at the BKW cafeteria on Sunday morning. They had an extensive menu and then gave us a tour of the high school.

Some people even found their old lockers. There were many stories of mischief, the innocent kind.

Mitch Haverly directed a choir and it was a tearjerker. It brought back many memories, especially with the Alma Mater.

Carrie LaFontaine and Diane Willey deserve a lot of credit and a round of applause for a wonderful job. All had a great time.


Brandon Clark and Jennifer Smith attended the wedding of her brother, Michael Smith to Emily Colton on Saturday, Aug. 17, at the Albany Country Club. The ceremony was officiated by Judge Keefe.  Brandon and Jennifer said it was beautiful.