John R. Williams

The scribe has mentioned this many times because it is true: This is the Old Men of the Mountain because most of the group is old — that is, if you call those in their eighties and nineties old.

It is obvious this is the first column of 2021 so, as always, time marches on.

You may not know this about me, but years ago I was diagnosed with a sleep disorder and was prescribed sleep equipment. Sound familiar?

The OFs feel more like Christmas with white on the ground or in the air.

This scribe was a little under the weather this week but is fine now so did not contact any of the OFs.

When this scribe phones the Old Men of the Mountain, most of the time the call is made from a regular phone number.

Thanksgiving is over and the few calls to and from the OMOTM revealed that — to a phone call — the gatherings of relatives and friends were going to be greatly reduced.

The Old Men of the Mountain, when spoken to, generally start with the pandemic, then the how-are-you’s, then the weather.

To begin with — the title of these reports is The Old Men of the Mountain. Old is the predominant word, but so is Mountain.

Some have said they are training chipmunks to eat out of their hands, but many of the OMOTM say these things are nothing but rodents and are worse than mice.


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