In Knox, the status quo has got to go

To the Editor:

Knox residents, ask yourselves, what do you love about Knox? Chances are you will say the quietness, the open space, and overall atmosphere.

Now ask, what would you like to see change? You may say more businesses, a more open government, or something else. This November, we can help make Knox the grand place it was many years ago, by electing officials who will actually put their love and soul for Knox, first!

I'll come out and say it right now: I wholeheartedly support Pam Fenoff for Knox town supervisor.

Knox is a unique place, and I love living here, as do many others. The problem is, we have a supervisor who is old, outdated, and lacks the leadership and ideas to help change Knox into a better community.

I am not just writing this because I am a Republican and Pam is on the ticket, but because the current supervisor offers nothing useful to this town. We need new and fresh ideas on how to run and actually accomplish goals here. The status quo has got to go!

Being supervisor for over 30 years is way too long. We have seen no change, except for maybe making the town worse. I foresee Knox as the next ghost town, and I thought those were only in the West.

Even the post office is gone! How can this be? It is a combination of the town board and supervisor. Nothing is being done to help attract businesses to Knox, and bring back the good ol' days when you could have breakfast or an ice-cream cone at the store.

There is nothing here for anyone to do and people are tired of it. Has anyone driven around town and seen how many for-sale signs there are? I don't blame those for leaving though, and it should make the town officials ashamed.

I have seen through my 18 years in Knox nothing but gloominess. First went the Knox Store, then the town wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars on a Taj Mahal (town hall) that serves what purpose? For the government officials to gloat while the rest of the town disintegrates? I mean, has anyone seen the inside?

Then went the post office, which should have been the final straw for people. More people should have been calling for action.

People used to love to say where they came from, but, as the town slowly falls apart, no one wants to admit it anymore. There is no community passion or love. Kids are leaving here and never coming back.

At this rate, I will never want to look back here ever again. I hope that, when I return from college, I can start to see slow, but steady change for the better in Knox.

I don't want to be ashamed of where I came from. I want to see a store, a post office, and maybe even a gas station, again! Just something that sets the town apart from the surrounding area.

None of this can be accomplished if we keep electing the same old, status quo and lacking officials that we have now. It is time for the new face of Knox!

Pam is able to address the needs of residents and create creative solutions to our problems. The way the supervisor is now, it is go with the flow of the town board and turn his head from the people! We do not need this. We do not want this.

Josh VonHaugg

Editor’s note: See related story on the post office in Knox.