As thunder storms swept through Altamont Sunday night, lightning struck a house, setting it on fire. 


“I’ve been privileged to do a lot of things,” said Pauline Williman. “This is paying back … the Lord told us to feed his people. I’ve had many blessings; I’ll try to feed people in return.”


 KeyBank in Altamont

The former home of the Altamont branch of KeyBank, at 105 Park St., could soon be off the market. 

New Scotland

At the monthly meeting of the Voorheesville School Board, teachers and residents aired grievances over issues of transparency, communication, and planning. The district’s students were again recognized for their work in the classroom. 


 Patroon Land Farm in Knox, New York

Patroon Land Farm in Knox has helped feed hundreds-of-thousands of hungry people. Its mission will endure even though its owner, Pauline Williman, has died. 


“Unfortunately for those South Westerlo folks, there’s a thought of South Westerlo becoming ‘Solar Westerlo,’” said Councilman Joseph Boone at Westerlo’s town board meeting.


On Saturday morning, the Hilltown Triple Crown kicked off another season of three races in four weeks with the Fox Creek 5K in Berne. Over 100 runners took to the streets in Berne and ended in the Berne Town Park. The next race is on Saturday, Aug.




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