Dennis Sullivan

Being a grandparent, I sometimes wonder what other grandparents say to their grandkids.

I’m still surprised at how few Christians, especially Roman Catholics, have heard about the spiritual writer Madame de Guyon — though small groups of believers practice the prayer she taught.

I’m not a social psychologist but I venture to say America is suffering from a dystopia complex that’s manifesting itself in national malaise.

What a mess erupts these days when people start talking about what is, and what is not, funny. America’s funny bone has become a raw bone.

For George Carlin

DEAR ABBY: I need advice and I need it now; I’m besieged on all sides.

Without human grounding, happiness could easily be mistaken for smoking crack.

Share your reading list with me and I will tell you who you are; a reading list is food and we are what we eat.


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