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RENSSELAERVILLE — Surrounded by contentious elections in the other Hilltowns, Rensselaerville has decided its grass is green enough with all its seats going unopposed, mostly to be held by their incumbents. 

The budget crisis that embroiled the Voorheesville Central School District last year appears at the moment to be solved, after the district increased its monthly prescription-drug premiums.

Albany County's jail

In a settlement this month, Albany County and the city of New York agreed to pay four inmates close to $1million and also agreed to follow the Rules of the City of New York concerning punitive segregation although Chief Deputy William Rice, of the Albany County Sheriff’s Office, told The Enterprise in May, “We don’t have solitary confinement.”

Contemporary Christian artist Dave Pettigrew will be at at Saint Matthew’s Church on Nov. 10, for a concert to benefit local addiction and recovery agencies.

Administrative law judge Sean O’Brien

The mitigation measures in place at Promenade now require a great deal of monitoring, flushing, and documenting by employees as well as the compliance of residents and their families. 

Alex Stevens’s father received a Red Cross award many years ago, as a young man, when he happened upon a remarkably similar accident. 

Rare gray birch trees

“Most people think the Pine Bush is done … They think the rest is all developed, that it’s all been lost,” says Christopher Hawver, executive director of the Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission. On the contrary, he said, There’s another 2,000 acres out there … We still have a lot of work to do.”

KNOX — Fallout from a New Year’s Day appointment of three new Knox transfer-station workers — replacing the three original employees — is still working its way through the court system as two of the fired workers,

When Legionella bacteria is present, the people who are particularly at risk for becoming sick from it are the elderly and those with compromised immune systems or a history of respiratory problems. 

For the contested races at both the town and county levels, we are adding a new element. In addition to being able to read profiles of the candidates, you may also watch videos of them, answering the same series of issues-based questions.