Elizabeth Floyd Mair 

Impatient for change, Lynnwood Elementary parent Michelle Charles has moved her family to Boston, which she says is much more progressive. 

“We need to start thinking about regional impacts because, in my opinion, this proposal really kills home rule,” Guilderland's planner told the town board recently about an amendment placed into the proposed budget by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Witnesses called by Sharf Din, who acted as his own attorney, did not dispute the evidence and acknowledged the violation was longstanding and still ongoing, wrote Town Justice Denise Randall in her decision. Din’s witnesses offered various cultural and psychological explanations for Din’s behavior, she wrote, but “an explanation for illegal behavior is not the same as a defense.” 

A solar developer who wants to build an array on a Guilderland farm asked, at Tuesday’s hearing on the town’s proposed new solar law, if Guilderland could designate a solar overlay district.

Two members of the Guilderland Y Cyclones swim team have qualified to move on to the YMCA Nationals in Greensboro, North Carolina in April. 

Jay Tyler, director of Emergency Medical Operations for Guilderland, said that the bridge closure won’t affect response time for ambulance service in the town. “The public shouldn’t fear. We’re able to get to them from either the east or the west,” he said.

If the solar project were to be moved, Helios co-owner Michael Lossia would want to be sure that it would go through on the new site, he told The Enterprise. 

The Rotterdam interconnect is one of the measures the town has taken that Guilderland’s superintendent of water, Timothy McIntyre, hopes will help improve water quality. 

Raechel Fraterrigo

Raechel Fraterrigo’s business got its start through social media and has grown rapidly through sites such as Instagram and Facebook. 

Developer Armand Quadrini is willing to pay the cost of remediating the polluted site where he hopes to build a residential-and-commercial project called Foundry Village, with 140 apartments and a convenience store with fuel pumps. 


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