Sean Mulkerrin

The Altamont Board of Trustees this month accepted the retirement of its superintendent of public works, Jeffrey Moller. 

Beckmann also received reprieve from having to install a costly sprinkler system when, as part of its approval, the town’s zoning board of appeals granted him a variance from that portion of the law, instead allowing him to install a localized alarm system. 

During the New Scotland Town Board’s Feb. 14 meeting, Councilman Dan Leinung said Governor Kathy Hochul in last year’s budget tried to mandate that all upstate municipalities increase their housing stock by 1 percent over a five-year period. 

 Dr. Karamdeep Singh is under contract to purchase the 1.82-acre site from Michael Davidson, who twice before came to the town looking to build a smaller mixed-use project.  

GUILDERLAND — After saying the switch to a new health care provider for its retirees — Humana —  would be a good thing for former employees, the town of Guilderland has reversed itself and will change providers.

Retirees will now be covered by United Healthcare.

For the third year in a row, Vooreesville is not projecting a budget shortfall, which comes after the district started the three prior budget seasons $100,000, $200,000, and $542,000 in the red. 

CHPE has deed agreements totaling over $2 million in compensation with close to 60 Albany County property owners, some of whom received no remuneration, like the county itself, to others who accepted over $1.2 million for their troubles, like the Northeastern Industrial Park. 

The recommendations are a synthesis of input from the public, topic-specific subcommittees, and the committee itself, as well as consultant MJ Engineering; the consultant’s participation in the process has been questioned and criticized. 

The town’s zoning board of appeals in December approved two variances for the proposed multi-family residential development at 2080 New Scotland Road, granting relief from all on-street parking required on both sides of the street and from a requirement for bike lanes. 

Project developer Mason Scholtes is proposing five duplexes along Carman Road and 12 cottages set up in a “pocket neighborhood” along Fuller Station Road. 


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