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New Scotland moved the century-old barn across Route 85A in 2016. 

ALTAMONT — The proposed changes to Altamont’s current dog law were largely met with criticism during a public hearing on the matter, but Mayor Kerry Dineen sought to make clear that the amendments residents were railing against weren’t being proposed. 

The board on June 4 took no action on the proposal. 

The acreage is located near the intersection of Pine Lane and Rapp Road in Albany, and backs on to the side of Crossgates containing Macy's, Regal Cinema, Best Buy.

The May 17 petition filed by Cuyler Court residents William and Colleen Anders claims that, in July 2023, the town’s use of heavy equipment to access “stormwater or water management facilities” caused damage to their driveway and yard, which when combined with Guilderland’s “negligence and failure to maintain certain components” of those facilities, led to “significant flooding” of the Anders’ basement six months later. 

The legal decision is the fifth in four years to uphold the town’s approval process of what was initially a three-site development proposal from Pyramid for over 200 apartments and townhomes; a 160,000-square-foot warehouse-price club; and only recently, a $55 million 120,000-square-foot regional cancer center. 

The suit, filed May 6, further states that Express Scripts and UnitedHealth along with a number of each company’s pharmacy-benefit manager subsidiaries has “for no less than the last two decades … had a key role in facilitating the oversupply of opioids through intentional conduct, ignoring needed safeguards in order to increase the prescribing, dispensing, and sales of prescription opioids.”

During a May 7 meeting Altamont Mayor Kerry Dineen said, “We got four letters about this subject because … in one area where I thought the leash law was a leash law — personally, I always thought that — we actually don’t have it, a  leash is not necessarily required on dogs outside of private property.”

During his presentation, Foundry Square engineer Daniel Hershberg explained to the Guilderland Planning Board the process of decontaminating the brownfield site. 

The café, owned by village native Ed Mitzen’s Business for Good, will have regular hours of 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., save for Tuesdays, when it will be closed. 

Altamont is seeking $1.2 million in funding for improvements to its wastewater treatment plant, while Voorheesville has asked for $300,000 to help pay for upgrades in the Salem Hills neighborhood.   


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