Noah Zweifel

The Berne-Knox-Westerlo Board of Education had opted not to make slight reductions in its budget proposal after it had failed to reach the 60-percent approval rating it required for going over the tax cap. The district fell even further from the mark on the second go-round.

Supervisor John Dolce said that he has a list of 24 properties in the town that are in poor condition, but there were questions about how the town should approach a cleanup process that he worries could cost half a million dollars. 

Thomas F. Conover, a 35-year-old man from Westerlo, was told to leave a gathering of people at a Westerlo home, only to return with a shotgun, which he aimed at several people, including children, according to the New York State Police. 

The Berne-Knox-Westerlo Board of Education needs more than 60 percent of district residents to vote “yes” for a tax-cap piercing budget on June 18, or else will have to move to a contingency budget that could result in cuts to after-school and athletic programs, among others. 

Two town board members are already in opposition, with one, Josh Beers, saying he feels the savings is too minor and that it could be motivated by political vendettas. Supervisor Matthew Kryzak, who made the proposal and said there had been conversations about this as far back as 2021, denies this. A public hearing is scheduled for June 18 at 6 p.m.

Homeowners who are interested in installing solar panels on their property have access to a number of state and federal incentives that make the switch a little cheaper, making the savings from reduced energy costs more accessible up front. The Enterprise has compiled the specific incentives available, as well as zoning codes for residential solar for each municipality in its coverage area. 

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has finalized new rules for previously unregulated legacy ash landfills like the one at Beacon Island, in Glenmont, that are no longer in use but still pose a risk to human health. 

The Berne-Knox-Westerlo Board of Education has chosen its secondary school principal Bonnie Kane for superintendent, and elementary school teacher Mark Tidd to replace her as high school principal. 

Activist Mary Finneran and Delhi Village Board member Janet Tweed are each hoping to be Democrats’ pick to take on Republican Assemblyman Chris Tague of the largely rural 102nd District in November.

BERNE — The Department of Environmental Conservation agreed to extend the dam repair permit held by the Helderberg Lake Association, which had an original deadline of October, 2023. 


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