Elizabeth Floyd Mair

The 31-year-old bicyclist killed in a predawn accident on Thursday was identified on Friday by Albany Police as Roger Sawyer of Guilderland.

In the last month, Guilderland Police have twice turned over foreign-born men to federal immigration officials — once following a routine traffic stop in which no tickets appear to have been issued. Lawlor said that it is up to an officer’s discretion, whether or not to contact immigration officials to examine someone’s documentation.

Arzu Demircan of Guilderland came to this country from Turkey a year ago and now owns her own store in Crossgates Mall. Her long-term goal, though, is to become a professor.

The largest-ever cyber-disaster— the hacking of private information from nearly half the residents of the United States in this year’s data breach of credit-card reporting agency Equifax — got New York State Assemblywoman Patricia Fahy thinking about what could be done to better protect online privacy, she said last week.

ALBANY COUNTY — There’s little that’s more reassuring to a child than the sound of her mother or father reading a book aloud. That’s the idea behind a new program getting underway at Albany County’s jail that is designed to keep kids from following in their parents’ footsteps — into jail.

Employees and management of The Grand Guilderland — formerly the Guilderland Center Nursing Home — discussed why employees held an informational picket outside the facility last week.

New York is one of just three states in the country that has laws to protect victims, despite any rollbacks on the national level.

A bear police say was seen in Guilderland Wednesday will probably move out of the area as quickly as it appeared, said a wildlife biologist from the state’s Department of Environmental Conservation.

The infamous “jump” that drew teen thrill-seekers for years on Hurst Road in Guilderland — to go well above the speed limit in hopes of getting their cars airborne — is being regraded to a “gentle slope,” said Highway Superintendent Steve Oliver this week.

On the brink of approval, a developer for senior housing is backing out, concerned over the cost of pollution cleanup.


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