Elizabeth Floyd Mair

state championships

Recent high school graduates — Erin Young of Voorheesville, Laila Jerome of Guilderland, and Tyler Goodemote of Berne-Knox-Westerlo — had their senior years upended by the pandemic but adapted, each in their own inimitable way.

In addition to private-practice speech therapy, Kate Chatigny offers a Digital Detox Program that helps parents and caregivers reduce or eliminate children’s screen time.

Sides include maple cornbread, sweet-potato casserole, and simmered greens. 

A primary will allow Guilderland’s Democratic committee to “harness the energy of more and more Democrats,” committee Chairman Jacob Crawford said Monday night in explaining to the committee why he would be voting to change from a caucus system to a primary. 

Bethany Mazura

New Freihofer’s Run for Women ambassador Bethany Mazura said that what she loves about this race is that it is for “all women, all ages, all abilities.” She described herself as a “back-of-the-pack runner” but said, in addition to running the Freihofer’s Run nearly every year, she has also gone on to run in marathons and ultramarathons. 

Pyramid Management will pay the Guilderland Police Department the cost of hiring two new officers in exchange for the department’s increasing to full-time two officers’ patrols at Crossgates Mall, paid for by the force itself. The officers who patrol the mall are detectives and paid more than new hires. 

GUILDERLAND — George Thomas “Tom” Miller had a big heart and served as a mentor to many young people, said his wife, Deborah Pardee. He died on Saturday, Dec. 21, 2019, while skiing at the Arizona Snowbowl ski resort in Flagstaff. He was 73. 

Harry Bonilla 

GUILDERLAND — On Feb. 6, a jury found Harry Bonilla guilty of two felonies — second-degree attempted kidnapping as a sexually motivated felony and first-degree sex abuse — and a misdemeanor, third-degree assault.

The case was heard before Judge Roger D. McDonough in Albany County Supreme Court.

The idea behind the film, said director Dmitry Gelfand, is love. “Love conquers all, love conquers racism, love conquers depression, love conquers death.” 

A “village” offers its dues-paying members such benefits as rides to medical appointments; help with household tasks; and social activities like book clubs, exercise groups, or educational programs that keep them connected and active and that fight social isolation.


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