We got a letter — a real letter — that began, “I have recently reached age 100 and have begun to slim down my files. Lo and behold, I came across an editorial I believe you may have written. It impressed and inspired me ….” Enclosed was a copy of the words we had written many years ago, coming back to us.

The writer of that letter, Glenn Durban, impressed and inspired us. When we called to thank him for his kind words and ask about his century of living, he said, “I have had a few adventures.”

Letters to the Editor

James Plummer, Troop 50, Guilderland

Richard E. Fisher, Howes Cave

Barry Nelson Uznitsky, Westmere

Howard Koff , Guilderland

Rebecca Button-Burnside, Boyd Hilton VFW Post 7062

Amy Pokorny, Tara Murphy, Jean Gagnon, Dan Hanley, Brett Pulliam, Knox

, CMC, RMC, Deputy FinnesseyKaren Clerk Treasurer , Village of Voorheesville

Ed Nicholson, Knox

Patricia Conway, president, Voorheesville Community & School Foundation

Chris Curvin , Knox