Two local residents whose families’ roots are in Shubuta, Mississippi — a town known for two horrific group lynchings — talk about the way that their relatives responded to the racism they encountered in their hometown. One family devoted their lives to helping others make a new life in the North, while the other stayed in Shubuta and focused on building a strong black community focused on education as a way out.


Lynching is a current concern because if atrocities are buried, they fester. We need to acknowledge the past so that we don’t repeat it.


Justin Hope

A second case prosecuted by the state’s Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs has been dismissed by a judge, this one involving a man who was accused of sexually abusing a disabled man in his care. 

New Scotland

VOORHEESVILLE — Last month, the village board authorized payment of $6,200 in fines to the federal Environmental Protection Agency for violations of the Clean Water Act.


A new organization, Friends in the Adirondacks, offers hospitality to visiting families of people who are incarcerated in the North Country. The organization’s other mission, said co-founder Martha Swan, is to open hearts and minds of local residents.


Joanna Bull

The founder of the organization Gilda’s Club, Joanna Bull, talks about Buddhism and the practice of social and emotional support when confronting cancer.


Athletes from three countries and many states converged on the Capital Region this week to compete in the 2017 JCC Maccabi Games, an Olympic-style competition for Jewish teenagers ages 13 to 16.



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