An absentee ballot count for the town of Berne left the GOP candidates holding on to the supervisor and the town council seats. But the Democratic candidate Joel Willsey is only one vote behind Republican candidate Frank Brady. Two votes that were brought in excess of the eight-ballot minimum by Democratic Party Chairman Gerald O’Malley have not been counted, and the GOP intends to file a lawsuit to keep it that way.


We got a letter — a real letter — that began, “I have recently reached age 100 and have begun to slim down my files. Lo and behold, I came across an editorial I believe you may have written.


Allan Simpson

Allan Simpson was the last choice of voters in May, but the first choice of the board of education in November.

New Scotland

The Voorheesville Board of Education approved new reserve funds that will help the sometimes-difficult process of school budgeting.


A Mayan Hands basket maker displays her work.

BETHLEHEM — The Black Friday Fair Trade Market, a two-day event in Delmar, has become a Thanksgiving weekend tradition.


Richard Rapp

In Westerlo, Councilman William Bichteman will be stepping down in January. Bichteman has done the bulk of the work on many of the town’s projects in Westerlo, and his ouster has led to questions about what this means for the supervisor he has assisted.


The Voorheesville Blackbirds needed one more win to be one of the final four teams, playing for the state championship in Glens Falls next Saturday.



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