Also, the developer for Hiawatha Trails still wants to build 256 apartments on Route 155 across from the Farnsworth Middle School, but will need to submit a new application, and has given up on including an office building.


“If you lost your loved one to cancer, to pneumonia, are you angry at them?” Brian Barr asks.


Sindi Saita

A year ago, The Enterprise wrote about customer complaints against Sindi Saita for dresses that arrived too late to alter or that never arrived at all. Now Saita is facing two judgments against her, from a landlord and a seamstress, both demanding money owed. She continues to be a member of the zoning board of appeals.

New Scotland

Robert Baron, the former coach of Voorheesville girls’ varsity basketball, in the latest filing of his lawsuit against the Voorheesville Central School District includes his deposition, a new cause of action for defamation, and allegations of player bullying.


In Albany County, a beekeeper, hay farmer, and dairy farmer all want to be in one the county’s three agricultural districts.


A statewide insurance program for certain firefighters afflicted with cancer has been touted for helping at-risk volunteers, but there is concern in small fire departments that the costs outweigh the benefits.


Varsity teams from Guilderland, Voorheesville, and Berne-Knox-Westerlo showed the state and Section 2 competition their mettle when the temperatures went up this spring — that is, once the snow melted.