Under a new policy of the Albany Roman Catholic Diocese, no one can access personnel records alone, said spokeswoman Mary DeTurris Poust. Only the diocesan chancellor and archivist now have access to personnel files, and only if they are together. 


Civil discourse requires humbleness and an appreciation for another’s viewpoints and experiences. It avoids excessive persuasion and direct antagonism. It eschews hostility.


Jupin was “granted voluntary leave of absence from ministry” in May 2003 by then-Bishop Howard Hubbard amid allegations of sexual abuse, said diocesan spokeswoman Mary DeTurris Poust, adding that she believes the allegations claimed he had abused two teenagers in Schenectady in the 1970s. Jupin, she said, was later reinstated, following an investigation.

New Scotland

At the monthly meeting of the Voorheesville School Board, teachers and residents aired grievances over issues of transparency, communication, and planning. The district’s students were again recognized for their work in the classroom. 


capped landfill on New Scotland’s Upper Flatrock Road

As part of the state’s ambitious climate law that was passed last month, by 2030, the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act states, 70 percent of New York’s electricity has to come from renewable sources, and, by 2040, all electricity in the state is to be generated from 100-percent carbon-free sources. Currently, New York is far from its 2030 goal and has just over a decade to try to almost double the number of renewable energy sources in the state. 


Suzannah Lessard gave a reading Saturday, Aug. 10, at the Rensselaerville Library. “Once the world was wide,” she read.


Over 50 bicyclists took to the streets of the Hilltowns on Sunday morning to tour Rensselaerville’s five hamlets in the fourth annual Rensselaerville Ride event, sponsored by the Carey Institute for Global Good’s Sustainable Communities Program and Helderberg Brewery in collaboration with the New York Bicy




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