Melissa Hale-Spencer

ALBANY COUNTY — On Sept. 20, the Biden administration announced it would once again set up a system so that free at-home tests for COVID-19 can be delivered through the United States Postal Service.

They stood together at a press conference on Sept. 20, hosted by Albany County Executive Daniel McCoy who said, “It’s about taking a chance because what we’re doing isn’t working.”

“I’m relieved for it to have ended as peacefully as it did but have concern for his behavior,” said Guilderland Police Lieutenant Joe DeVoe who was on the scene for the entire incident. “He could have caused serious injury or death. Bullets were going into other rooms. I’m just thankful our quick responses aided in ending this peacefully.”

Maps shared with The Enterprise, posted online with this story, indicate that the CHPE line, which mostly runs along the railroad track, will cross Youmans Road “via trenching,” will cross Game Farm Road “via horizontal directional drilling,” and will also cross West Yard Road near Route 32.

Board member Nathan Sabourin reported to the others that the policy committee is “going to make some revisions to the dress code in light of some of the requests from students and others regarding sports attire.” Members of the girls’ track team in the spring had said they wanted to be able to wear sports bras.

Supervisor Douglas LaGrange spoke of an unnamed man who died in a townhouse in an unnamed development in New Scotland that does not have a homeowners’ association. The man’s side of the house has been vacant “quite a while,” LaGrange said and it’s “very hard to make sure it’s kept up.”

“As they say, you can’t take things with you, but you can always leave them in a better state than you found them, so this is our way of doing that,” said Bryan Swift, explaining why he and his wife took the risk of buying the land along with neighbors, knowing full well they will not get back all of what they paid for it.

Free naloxone, as well as fentanyl and xylazine test strips, can be ordered through a new ordering portal on the Office of Addiction Services and Supports website. The agency also offers free virtual naloxone training.

“I’m not big on accepting charity,” said Tim Albright. “But we need all the help we can get … There are so many unknowns.”

The salon joins 119 other businesses on the New York State Historic Business Preservation Registry.


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