Melissa Hale-Spencer

New York State is going to look at targeting vaccinations by locations with high positivity rates, starting with a demonstration, holding a mass vaccination clinic in Yankee Stadium solely for Bronx residents.

For the first time in over two months, Albany County announced a number of new COVID-19 cases on Monday morning that was under 100.

A school nurse

A total of 945 people were tested, including students, faculty, and staff at all seven buildings and only four of those people tested positive for COVID-19.

Statewide, 17 percent of hospital workers are Black but only 10 percent of hospital workers who took the COVID-19 vaccine were Black. The state is launching an advertising campaign targeted to Black New Yorkers to build trust in the vaccine.

“We have to toe the line until we get through the worst of this,” said Albany County Health Commissioner Elizabeth Whalen.

“You propose on Valentine’s Day and then you can have the wedding ceremony March 15, up to 150 people. People will actually come to your wedding because you can tell them with the testing it will be safe,” said Governor Andrew Cuomo, announcing reopening plans on Friday.

Albany County’s infection rate is now at 6.9 percent.

Howard Zucker, the state’s health commissioner, responded, “The OAG affirms that the total number of deaths in hospitals and nursing homes is full and accurate.”

“It will be through due diligence and science that this decision will be made,” said Albany County Health Commissioner of whether high-risk sports will be allowed.

Certainly, we commend local colleges for their strategies to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 but the bottom line, based on the science, is: Remote-only classes should be held until enough staff and students have been vaccinated for herd immunity.


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