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More than a quarter of the state’s health-care workers are not vaccinated against COVID-19, They will need to be vaccinated by Sept. 27, the governor announced today.

The “productivity target” for a commuter route, like Route 719, which had served Voorheesville and Altamont, is over 12 riders per hour, said Ross Farrell, director of planning for the Capital District Transportation Authority. Of 50 bus routes, Route 719 was in the bottom five, with just six or seven riders per hour, he said.

The researchers note this consistent pattern: “COVID-19 misperceptions and uncertainty seem to be linked to vaccination status.”

“The overall goals for the 2021-2022 school year are to keep students and staff healthy and safe, be responsive to student needs, and maximize in-person teaching and learning,” says the guide from the State Education Department.

The board decided to add cooling for Guilderland High School and Lynnwood Elementary School at a cost of $215,166 and also to add top priority projects — totaling $4,105,829 — for the middle school and high school that hadn’t made the cut in the current capital project, including bathroom renovations and ventilation.

GUILDERLAND — After 50 minutes of listening to heated comments about masks being required in school, which escalated to pro-mask speakers being heckled, the Guilderland Board of Education adjourned its meeting on Tuesday night — only to resume again after the crowd of about 30 had left.

Dan McCoy

Well over a third of the county residents infected with COVID-19 between Aug. 2 and 6 were vaccinated against the virus.

ALTAMONT — Camp Wildwood is receiving $25,000 from the state.

Wildwood School provides special education to over 200 students living with autism and other developmental disabilities in the Greater Capital Region and the half-century-old camp, on Leesome Lane, on the outskirts of Altamont, is its summer extension program.

The “vast majority” of the vaccinated cases infected with COVID-19 between Aug. 2 and 6 were young adults, said Albany County Executive Daniel McCoy. “Six vaccinated infections were from the 10- to 19-year-old age range,” said McCoy. Vaccine is not authorized for anyone under age 12.

Local school superintendents were taken aback last Thursday when the state’s health commissioner summarily announced his department would be providing no guidance for the opening of schools in the midst of a surge of COVID-19 cases.


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