Melissa Hale-Spencer

Fact-checking is not as simple as it sounds: What people say is true or even believe is true, may not actually be true.

“Omar Mateen does not represent us,” said one of three Muslim women addressing a crowd at the Guilderland library the day after the Orlando massacre. Fazana Saleem-Ismail quoted from the Qur’an: “Whoever kills a human being, it is as if he killed all of mankind.”

Gary Wright, convicted of attempting to rape his Berne neighbor, lost his appeal to the state’s highest court.

A cadre of kids preached to the choir Tuesday night as they read essays on the dangers of smoking in village parks.

Despite being tormented in middle school about her lesbian parents, Riley Gohlke-Schermer in high school learned to accept herself and came out as being “gender fluid.”

As nine state challenge federal directives to provide “a safe environment” for transgender students, local districts have been quietly doing just that.

Although the Berne highway superintendent said Sunday’s flooding in Berne was worse than that caused by Tropical Storm Irene, federal funds are unlikely.

Sobs and smiles emanated from the back of the meeting hall.

Bethlehem Grange

The National Grange succeeded in lobbying for free rural mail delivery and the Farm Credit System. Now, the Bethlehem Grange's focus is on community service.


“We need to be able to communicate openly and have dialogue, not angry rages, to exchange ideas," says Knox's deputy supervisor.


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