Melissa Hale-Spencer

“Customer service and best practices are my keywords,” said David Howell, the new technology director for the Guilderland schools. “Those are my buzzwords — to make sure that we are doing things so that the teachers and the staff and the students all feel supported and we’re giving them the tools they need, but doing it in a safe manner.”

GUILDERLAND — At about 4 p.m. last Thursday, the Guilderland school district posted a notice saying, “We have just been advised by the Guilderland Police Department that Raquan Dyson has been released from custody.

The competition had begun early Friday morning with a physical-fitness regimen, said Lieutenant Colonel Paul Bailie. It will end with a 12-mile ruck march — walking fast over rough terrain with a heavy backpack — in the Pine Bush, he said.

A Farnsworth Middle School custodian was charged with rape; police said a 14-year-old girl was the victim. The school district superintendent said that the victim was a student at the middle school, that the alleged incidents occurred off school grounds, and that social media played a role.

Superintendent Marie Wiles, in answering questions from the board and the public about her draft budget on March 15, said that the nearly 5-percent spending increase and the nearly 3-percent tax increase “are the highest they've been in my time here” as she stressed the importance of “balance” in not overburdening taxpayers.

Both the state’s health commissioner and governor on Monday emphasized two main courses of action in dealing with the latest Omicron sub-lineage: People should get vaccinated, including booster shots, and people should immediately be tested for COVID-19 so they can be treated to stem the spread.

The two companies producing a messenger RNA vaccine against COVID-19 — Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech — have asked the Food and Drug Administration for emergency authorization for a second booster shot.

WESTERLO — Trevor Burnside knows that doing the small things right leads to doing the big things better.

In this week’s Enterprise podcast, Burnside describes the sound of each member of a platoon pulling forward the bolt on their rifles at the exact same time.

“You can only hear one sound … It is awesome,” he said.

“Character is more than simply individual achievement,” Lisa Knowles, Guilderland’s director of pupil services, told the school board on Tuesday. “It is the intersection of our thoughts, our feelings, and our behavior.”

GUILDERLAND —  WS Development will assume management, operation, and majority ownership of Stuyvesant Plaza, Ed Swyer, president of Stuyvesant Plaza Inc., announced in a release on Wednesday.


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