Melissa Hale-Spencer

Winter is going to be the season of the vaccine,” said Governor Andrew Cuomo at Wednesday’s press conference. “That may very well be the most challenging operation government has had to perform all through COVID.”

Forty-three states are now on the travel advisory list. Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Connecticut also meet the criteria but are not on the list — “It would have a disastrous effect on the economy,” says the governor. However, non-essential travel to those states is discouraged.

Two more Albany County residents have died of COVID-19, the county’s executive, Daniel McCoy, reported on Monday, bringing the death toll to 138. He also said that, since the start of the pandemic, suicides and deaths from drug overdoses in the county are “through the roof.”

Once there is a vaccine for COVID-19, the first New Yorkers to receive it will be health-care workers in patient-care settings, long-term-care facility workers, and the at-risk patients in those facilities, according to the state’s plan released on Sunday.

As New York State tests heavily in COVID-19 hotspots, it reached a record of test results in a single day on Saturday, nearly 160,000.

“Albany County departments provide many of the services LEAD uses and this money is a game-changer during a financially challenging time and one in which mental health and addiction issues have increased,” said Albany County Executive Daniel McCoy.

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced an expansion of food stamps, now called SNAP, to nearly 75,000 low-income college students who are enrolled in career or technical education courses.

The White House responded today to yesterday’s request from the National Governors Association to meet with the president for “guidance and clarification” on the role states will play in distributing COVID-19 vaccines, once available.

Albany County continues to have an uptick in COVID-19 cases as Governor Andrew Cuomo looks ahead to distributing vaccines, requesting a meeting with the president.

Albany County residents

On Wednesday, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that state aid would be withheld from schools that remain open in so-called “red zones,” where the coronavirus is prevalent, and, further, that municipalities in those red zones that are not enforcing closures will also have state aid withheld.


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