Melissa Hale-Spencer

“Doing art is basically aesthetic problem-solving,” says Hope Konecny, owner of the Big Eye Gallery and creator of the Cool Stuff Show.

Jeff Perlee, a Republican who won handily in district with more Democrats than Republicans, said the day after elections: “If there’s a mandate, it’s: Don’t make this about partisan positions; find a way to put aside partisanship to get things done.”

Bonnie Conklin

Come Jan. 1, Joel Willsey will be the sole Democrat on the Berne Town Board, long a Democratic stronghold, as GOP-backed candidates again swept to victory.

Bonnie Donati, a Republican making her fourth run for town justice, was victorious. “I’ve had a judge’s robe in my basement for 22 years,” she told The Enterprise on Election Night. “I get to wear it now.”

Albany County's jail

In a settlement this month, Albany County and the city of New York agreed to pay four inmates close to $1million and also agreed to follow the Rules of the City of New York concerning punitive segregation although Chief Deputy William Rice, of the Albany County Sheriff’s Office, told The Enterprise in May, “We don’t have solitary confinement.”

Rare gray birch trees

“Most people think the Pine Bush is done … They think the rest is all developed, that it’s all been lost,” says Christopher Hawver, executive director of the Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission. On the contrary, he said, There’s another 2,000 acres out there … We still have a lot of work to do.”



For the contested races at both the town and county levels, we are adding a new element. In addition to being able to read profiles of the candidates, you may also watch videos of them, answering the same series of issues-based questions.




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