Melissa Hale-Spencer

Incumbents Herb Hennings and Philip Metzger are challenged by Michael Hawrylchak, Vanessa Threatte, Antonio Rivera, and Norina Melita.

The Big Eye Gallery is hosting an event on Saturday, May 15, when the public can meet artists who were invited to take a challenge called Paint and Switch.

 On Wednesday night, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced, “Today the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention endorsed the use of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for adolescents 12 to 15 years of age. That decision followed a thorough review of data and FDA’s expansion of the emergency use authorization for this vaccine earlier this week.” He authorized providers to expand eligibility immediately.

“It’s important for the community to know for the larger gatherings that folks are going to need to be vaccinated or have proof of a negative PCR test 72 hours before the ceremony or a rapid test six hours before the ceremony,” Superintendent Marie Wiles said, “unless guidance changes between now and June 25.”

The first of Albany County’s 17 congregate meal sites for seniors re-opened Monday as a pilot program in Watervliet. Other meal sites will open on May 17, June 1, and Sept. 1.

For teaching purposes, Guilderland uses Google, a cloud-based application, which wasn’t affected by the recent cyber attack, said Superintendent Marie Wiles. “Google Classroom and our Google accounts were all fine,” she said. “It’s more when things are housed on servers that people need to be careful.”

“The state has been sitting on almost a billion dollars since January,” said Albany County Executive Daniel McCoy, concluding, “I have landlords that call me all the time, text me, wonder where this money’s at.”

Albany County will work with organizations from dance studios to karate dojos. “You have it, we want to work with you,” said Karen Ziegler, director of the county’s Crime Victim and Sexual Violence Center. Anyone who is interested may call her at 518-447-7100. Coaches, teachers, and parents will be trained on how to identify and prevent child abuse.

Albany County Health Commissioner Elizabeth Whalen said she has received word from the state’s health department on the “likelihood that in the next week the FDA will give the OK for the 12-to-15 age group.” Her department is preparing to vaccinate youth, communicating with local schools and pediatricians, urging the doctors to become certified vaccinators through the state’s Department of Health.

 Governor Andrew Cuomo on Monday joined with the governors of New Jersey and Connecticut to lift most industry capacity restrictions, beginning May 19. He cited the success of vaccination programs and the decline in cases of COVID-19.


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