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Judy Slack

GUILDERLAND — “I love working with kids,” says Judy Slack who has served on the Guilderland School board for 12 years and is now seeking a fifth term.

Rebecca Butterfield

GUILDERLAND — Rebecca Butterfiled is a child-health advocate who believes her expertise is especially valuable to the Guilderland School Board now as it faces educating children in the midst of a pandemic.

The Capital Region plan asks all businesses and employees to sign a pledge that they understand what is being asked of them and are committed to doing their part to reopen the region for business and keep it open.

“These are very serious times and you can’t do things like you want to do,” Dion Lewis said of following protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Lewis helped launch a new county initiative — #AlbanyCountyStaySafe — to get teens to submit videos and photos of how they are staying safe.

“I think it’s the unpredictability that is the challenge here, trying to plan for something that we don’t really know what it’s going to look like or what our needs are going to be,” said Guilderland schools Superintendent Marie Wiles, discussing next year’s budget. “I do think we’re going to need more resources, not less as we open the school year.”

Work sites are to be set up to prevent the spread of the coronavirus as the Capital Region begins the first phase of reopening tomorrow. Returning workers are to be tested for COVID-19.

Albany County’s mental-health emergency response team is ready to help the families and friends of residents who have died of COVID-19 just as it would if there were a plane crash, offering grief counseling and support.

“We’re all talking about what is the spread of the virus when you increase economic activity,” said Governor Andrew Cuomo at his Sunday press briefing. “Well, how do you know what the spread of the virus is? Testing, testing, testing.”

“It’s a complex plan that combines creating a healthy environment for businesses with communications and best practices,” said Albany County Executive Daniel McCoy on Saturday as he released the Capital Region’s reopening plan.

The “Athletes are Children First” grant will allow the Crime Victims Center and the county’s Department for Children, Youth and Families and the Children’s Advocacy Center to offer training to club staff, coaches, and parents on best practices to prevent abuse, as well as providing outreach and support.


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