Jesse S. Sommer

This evening we sit on the banks of a something;
the sunset is jealous of the show we perform.
For a thousand years every night have we been here,

Are you asking if I support the death penalty, or if I believe in the sovereign state’s right to kill?  Those questions operate in altogether different universes, and I counsel caution in conflatin

History happened; it can’t be destroyed. It can only be forgotten (by people who don’t read) or reinterpreted (by people who read Facebook).

Have I mentioned that “to father” is to forgive?

“Eyesore.” That’s how Albany’s journalistic community has referenced the century-old Central Warehouse in

Last month, The Greenwich Journal and Salem Press — published just a stone’s throw to our northeast in Washington County — celebrated its 17

Three months ago, as late June recessed into full-blown summer, a grainy video shared by WNYT News Channel 13’s Facebook account alig

On the 1st of March, 2018, I sat atop the collapsing roof of Saddam Hussein’s former Guesthouse Palace, gazing across the ravaged cityscape of war-torn Mosul in northern Iraq.

At all times, the path to fulfillment already lies within you.


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