Republicans have introduced a series of resolutions that would monitor the hours town employees work and offer further review of town finances.

Westerlo’s solar law could be amended to change the nature of how decommissioning bonds are determined in the midst of solar applications being approved over again in order to include a new type of energy-storage system.

After being re-appointed to the town’s water board and again offering a monthly report on Westerlo’s water district, William Bichteman said the district is still financially strapped as more expenses arise.

With increased costs for the water district, garbage removal, and other expenses looming, the 2019 preliminary budget for the town of Westerlo stays under the state-set tax cap but increases by over $100,000.

On October 6, Westerlo Town Park held it's inaugural harvest festival. 

Westerlo town leaders asserted that the level of chemicals detected in the water was always there, but that state standards changed. The state’s health department, however, said the standards have not changed.

On Sunday afternoon at Westerlo Town Hall, author Jerry Finin spoke to people about how he came about to write the biography of Dr. Anna Perkins.

With over 30 places for people to visit, the discover the hilltown tour had plenty to offer people that wanted to come see what these places offer or make.

The fire company is hoping that $11,000 set aside for building costs can be used to to cover costs for a newly required insurance program.

WESTERLO — The public raised concerns about contamination of the the town’s water with bromomethane at Westerlo’s town board meeting last Tuesday.


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