We strongly advise all of the Westerlo Town Board members to read the Civil Service Law before breaking the law and hiring someone else for the assessor’s job. If the board still wants to remove Peter Hotaling, it must go through the state-required hearing process.

Truck driver says he’ll challenge citation; failure-to-yield overturned equipment and caused a fuel spill near reservoir. 

"A lot of things are in the air,” said Westerlo’s acting supervisor of ambulance coverage.

Peter Hotaling

Councilman Anthony Sherman said, “At the end of the day, I feel extremely bad for Mr. Hotaling and his health problems. He can continue to have health insurance; he just has to pay for it. We’re not throwing him to the wolves.”

“You wouldn’t go to court without a lawyer,” Ned Stevens told the Westerlo Town Board as it debated hiring a consultant to help develop its comprehensive plan.

The Westerlo Rural Cemetery may soon offer “green burials.”

Documents released on June 6 from Albany County in response to a county judge’s order include a list of documents in possession of the sheriff’s office with statements as to why the items may or may not be withheld.

“Unfortunately for those South Westerlo folks, there’s a thought of South Westerlo becoming ‘Solar Westerlo,’” said Councilman Joseph Boone at Westerlo’s town board meeting.

Fifteen members serve on the Westerlo Rescue Squad, a mere 0.4 percent of the town’s population of about 3,400. The average age of the members is 60. Both factors have led to the decision for the volunteer ambulance to close at the end of the year.

Joe Coffey, the commissioner of the city of Albany Water Department, said that the city generally never uses the Basic Creek Reservoir in the late summer and early fall because of its tendency to have algae blooms, both toxic and nontoxic.


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