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Maggie Smith has devoted her life to the restaurant she launched 25 years ago, after winning at the track.

Laurel Tormey Cole

Laurel Tormey Cole likes to teach yoga to beginners and people over 50, developing strength and flexibility and improving balance.

John Hamlin Gordon II

Getting history straight and sharing it with others is important to John Hamlin gordon.

Residents of Van Wie Terrace watching their neighbors’ house burn said what good people the Denns are.


The Albany County Planning Board told Pyramid the ring road around Crossgates Mall is already very congested. Chairman Dominic Rigosu told Pyramid, “At some point, you have to say you have to mitigate it,” referring to the current traffic situation.

The Altamont Village Board asked the planning board for its recommendation about an application the village board received from JNT Development, seeking to rezone 120 Park Street to allow for apartments to be built on the site.

GUILDERLAND — The Legionella bacteria that caused an outbreak in February, sickening two residents of the Promenade at University Place Assisted Living facility, killing one of them, has been found to match samples from a 2012 outbreak

“This was an ACE,” Superintendent Timothy Mundell said, referring to an adverse childhood experience.

The state’s Department of Environmental Conservation prohibits tree-cutting from April 1 to Oct. 31 in areas where the northern long-eared bat lives, to avoid hurting bats that might be roosting in the trees.

Just over half of the seventh-graders surveyed at Berne-Knox-Westerlo reported having some sort of trauma, according to the school’s social worker, who described how the school has been addressing this.

BKW students in Future Farmers of America described a trip involving stops at dairy and swine farms, grain processors, and stops at the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory.

Voorheesville will hold a public hearing on Thursday, March 28, to receive feedback from residents on the proposed law to update the village’s zoning code.

Michael A. Snyder Sr.

The jailed woman said that Michael A. Snyder Sr., of Rensselaerville, raped her three times in the last two weeks.

Paul Harris

The same year he was released after serving 20 years for burglary, Paul Harris went on to commit four more, a jury found.