H. Rose Schneider

Documents released on June 6 from Albany County in response to a county judge’s order include a list of documents in possession of the sheriff’s office with statements as to why the items may or may not be withheld.

Berne-Knox-Westerlo Secondary School

Many of the renovations to the secondary school are set to be completed by the beginning of the school year, while the construction at the elementary school will take place in phases in different sections of the building over the course of a year.

Steve Pfleging

Auditors from the state comptroller’s office gave verbal recommendations for the town of Rensselaerville, such as to have resolutions stating what reserve accounts are used for or having written procedures for billing for water and sewer services.

Kathleen O’Neill Perry

After her Knox house burned, destroying everything she owned, Kathleen O’Neill Perry said she was in awe of her community’s support. But she said that she is still battling the psychological effects of losing her home, car, possessions, and especially her dog.

Emails from Democratic town board members in Berne about their concerns over their fellow town board member and combat veteran Dennis Palow led to an angry crowd gathering in support of Palow at Town Hall on Wednesday night.

A vote on a proposed zoning change in Knox, which would require at least four of the five board members’ approval, is expected to take place at the town board’s September meeting.

minivan plunged into an excavated site

Berne Highway Superintendent Randy Bashwinger said that the highway department followed the proper protocol when closing the section of Bridge Road where a vehicle recently upended itself, but Councilman Joel Willsey has written in a letter to the Enterprise editor this week that flaggers or barriers should have been in place to prevent an accident like this.

Martin hopes to have her medical practice open by December, and is also working to have the surrounding area designated as medically underserved.

Antique farm equipment collected and displayed at the Altamont Fair includes a “bone crusher,” hay rakes, and a refurbished windmill.

The Upper Hudson Library System received a little over $1 million in state funding, which was distributed to libraries such as those in Voorheesville, Guilderland, Westerlo, and Rensselaerville.


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