Residential brush burning is prohibited in New York State from March 16 through May 14.

Even though much of the state is currently blanketed in snow, warming temperatures can quickly cause wildfire conditions to arise, according to a release  from the state’s Department of Environmental Conservation.

A Berne man set his home on fire in order to demolish the house so he could build a new one in its place.

Flickering lights were the first sign that something was wrong, said Superintendent Marie Wiles.

The garage was a shell, but no one was injured, according to firefighters.

NEW SCOTLAND — Firefighters helped rescue animals from a burning barn last Wednesday with the temperature well below freezing.

Nazzerine Donato suffered severe burns to his upper body and face, according to a release from the Albany County Sheriff’s Department.

Leaving a family without a home on Christmas, a fire on Villeneuve Drive was caused by an electrical problem in the walls of the kitchen, state investigators say. A fund drive is underway.

The couple whose house burned Saturday is planning to rebuild on the site.

Judi Eells

When fire takes a home or a business, it can take a long time to rebuild.

The neighborhood surrounding a state DOT garage in Voorheesville was jarred by an early-morning explosion caused by trucks that were on fire.


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